Data Center Energy Audit and Power Optimization

Save time and money with a Free Energy Audit from one of our Data Center Energy Advisors. Lower your electricity rates and reduce costs. Purchase renewable energy certificates to offset your carbon footprint. Increase data center power efficiency and lower consumption with solar energy, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, water optimization, and more. Contact us now!

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Data Center Electricity Costs and Usage has partnered with AppSmart to offer your data center or business a free energy audit. Keeping electricity prices low helps make your business more competitive and profitable. AppSmart can help you improve data center efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance your customer experience.

Electricity & Natural Gas

Compare electricity prices with a fixed rate contract for gas and electricity in deregulated energy markets.


Water (Valves & Leak Detection)

Stop leaks, prevent damage and optimize water flow to save money at the meter.


Renewable Energy

Use renewable sources of power like solar. Offset your demand from utilities while creating a backup source of electricity with on site battery storage.


Utility Cost Recovery

Reduce energy expenses such as waste and lower costs with an effective energy expense management program.


Sensors (IoT)

Securely access critical infrastructure information to control and proactively address areas of concern from virtually anywhere.

How Can An Energy Audit Help Your Data Center?

An audit can help your data center or business identify ways to save money and become more efficient. Retail energy deregulation allows customers to switch electricity and natural gas services.
Switch from a utility to a competitive retail energy provider or "REP". Customers in deregulated states can cut their costs. REPs can help get better rates and/or contracting set rates for predetermined periods of time.
AppSmart's energy advisors know how to take advantage of the competitive landscape and low costs. AppSmart's energy clients are often seeing double digit percentage savings annually.
In a contract? No problem! AppSmart can look at your bill to determine savings opportunities. Lock in the current low rates now for a future start date up to a year or more in advance.

Fixed Rate Contract

The data center power market has its ups and downs. Get fixed cost energy to protect your business from this pricing rollercoaster.

No Install and Simple Billing

Sourcing your energy through AppSmart provides a truly seamless experience. With no provisioning or installation, you'll experience simplified single-source billing and no business disruption.

Same Energy Sources

AppSmart uses the same power grid as your existing utility providers. There are no concerns regarding quality availability or supply.

Data Center Energy Consumption

According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, "Data centers are one of the most energy-intensive building types, consuming 10 to 50 times the energy per floor space of a typical commercial office building." Managing the cost of power will become more important in the future.
As the demands for your data centers grow, the amount of power they consume will also grow. You need to be smart about how data center power is managed and where it is sourced. Commercial energy brokers can help navigate deregulated markets and identify opportunities to save.
You don't have to be stuck with your current utility. Find a new way to power your data centers by speaking with our energy advisors. Get prepared for the future before it's too late. Control your costs before they control your business.

Why work with Us? and AppSmart are leading the data center industry. We know the data center business better than anyone. Our advisors are highly trained and motivated to help your business succeed.
Many of our clients buy data center space from us for colocation, cloud infrastructure and other services. The cost of power for our clients is a major factor. We spend a lot of time counseling our clients on how power affects the cost of the technologies they use. The cost of power can be the deciding factor of which provider they choose.
There are many considerations when choosing a utility. It is important to consider all of your options. We can help your business navigate the complex world of deregulated energy markets. When data centers operate more efficiently, everyone wins.
Our clients and partners trust us to help them with simple cabinet configurations to the construction or sale of an entire data center. We pride ourselves in understanding the entire industry and providing a great experience.

Who is AppSmart?

AppSmart is the #1 marketplace in the world to find, buy and manage all business technology services including energy, connectivity, software, wireless/mobility, infrastructure, managed services, and devices. Thousands of organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, banking, education and more, trust AppSmart and their national network of Technology Advisors to help them make smarter technology decisions. AppSmart sells services exclusively through their vast network of vendor-agnostic AppSmart Technology Advisors.
Let us be your guide and we promise to do our best to serve you.
Data Center Power Sources
  • Electricity & Natural Gas
  • Renewable (Solar, Wind, Hydro)

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