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    Cloud Computing Buyer's Guide

    For the past few years, everybody’s been talking about cloud — for good reason. This new model has changed how businesses work and the speed at which they can respond to changing market demands. The fast provisioning, dynamic scalability and the “pay-as-you-go” cost model bring big advantages to business and more fluidity to its users.

    However, the transition to the cloud has not been as fast as predicted. Cloud services continue to rapidly mature, and complicating everything is that there are no common set of products, features, and pricing among vendors. Needless to say, the selection of a cloud computing provider can be somewhat daunting.

    This buyer’s guide was designed to give readers a clear understanding of what cloud computing is, its various delivery models, as well as explain how the pricing structure, SLAs and selection criteria differ from the provisioning of traditional IT outsourcing (ITO). We have also included specific questions to help you determine if you are ready to make the migration.

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