Get Managed Microsoft Office 365 and Teams at a Low Cost Per License.

Delivering complete IT support and managed services for business and enterprise clients currently using or planning on purchasing Microsoft Office 365 licenses. For a low monthly cost per license, you will receive a fully managed Office 365 + Teams solution that takes the burden off IT.

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Microsoft Office 365 Management

With a comprehensive suite of applications, Microsoft Office 365 + Teams provides your business with the tools it needs to collaborate and run efficiently whether working from the office or home. Our Managed Office 365 solution combines the applications you need with the hassle-free support you deserve. All of this for cost that is slightly above the direct pricing offered by Microsoft for unmanaged Microsoft Office 365 licenses.

Microsoft Office 365 + Teams

Gain access to all Microsoft Office 365 has to offer including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Select from additional Microsoft Office 365 Business and Enterprise Plans and software options. We can customize your licenses based on individual users and departments.


Office 365 Professional Services

Need help selecting the right Microsoft Office 365 plan for your business and enterprise? Get help from our team of Microsoft trained and certified experts. We provide complete professional services for Office 365 + Teams including customization, migration and implementation services.


Fully Managed Office 365

Leave the administration, billing and IT support for Office 365 + Teams up to us. For a low monthly cost starting at $5.00/mo. per license, we will provide you with a fully managed solution for your business - leaving your IT department to focus on more important priorities.


Business and Enterprise IT Support

Unlike other Microsoft Partners and MSPs, we provide different support tier levels and options for SMBs, large businesses and enterprise clients. This includes businesses ranging in size from 1-100,000+ Microsoft Office 365 licenses. We will match you with the right partner based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my business already has Microsoft Office 365 licenses?

Not a problem. We are able to work with all business and enterprise customers whether a current customer of Microsoft or not. We can simply transition your account over to our billing and support team. You will receive a new monthly cost for your licenses and exceptional IT support for your Microsoft Office 365 products from that point on.

What is the minimum for managing Microsoft Office 365 licenses?

We're able to provide support for our small business customers with as few at 1 Microsoft Office 365 license. We're also able to support large enterprise customers with 5,000, 10,000 or even 100,000+ licenses. Fill out the contact form above to speak with one of our Microsoft Office 365 experts.

What is the cost difference between unmanaged and managed Microsoft Office 365?

We offer access to all Microsoft Office 365 plans and packages. Pricing for our Managed Office 365 solution varies based on the Microsoft O365 plan you select. It also varies based on the support tier level you choose. For example, Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic with our basic support tier is just $5.00/mo. per license. This is actually the same price as buying directly from Microsoft for an unmanaged license.

What do your Managed Microsoft Office 365 licenses include?

With our managed Microsoft O365 licenses, you will receive account reporting, adoption and change management services. You will also receive IT support for trouble tickets with email and call backs from trained help desk advisors. Our managed services will ease IT administrative workloads at a lower cost than managing your licenses internally.
Microsoft Office 365 Management
  • Microsoft Office 365 + Teams
  • Office 365 Professional Services
  • Fully Managed Office 365
  • Business and Enterprise IT Support

Get Managed Office 365 Pricing!

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