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    Cloud computing is virtualization of physical servers into separate compartments or “partitions” where computing resources can be segregated for different customers, applications and purposes. There are several cloud service models including private cloud, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). The service models represent varying levels of control over assets and services.
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    Hostway Public Cloud Start-ups and single-website customers are great candidates for... Cloud Hostway
    Hostway Virtual Private Cloud Cloud hosting from Hostway gives you the scalability you need as well... Cloud Hostway
    Hostway Hybrid Cloud Leverage the best features of multiple hosting platforms in a single,... Cloud Hostway
    Level 3® Cloud Content Exchange With Level 3 Cloud Content Exchange, you can distribute large video and... Cloud Level 3 Communications
    CenturyLink Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 Includes the Features Your Business Needs:Improved Mobility,... Cloud CenturyLink
    NaviSite Managed NaviCloud® DaaS NaviSite’s Consulting and Implementation Services for NaviCloud DaaS... Cloud NaviSite
    NaviSite Cloud Infrastructure Services (IaaS) NaviSite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions can be... Cloud NaviSite
    Hostway Dedicated Private Cloud Get the security of dedicated, physically isolated, single-tenant... Cloud Hostway
    8x8 Unified Communications With 8x8, you really can have it all. We’re the only cloud-based... Cloud 8x8, Inc.
    AT&T Cloud Storage for Business
    AT&T Cloud Storage for Business Get more than just space in the cloud. With AT&T Cloud Storage℠,... Cloud AT&T
    Integra Cloud Firewall Service Integra's Cloud Firewall Service protects your business by guarding the... Cloud Integra
    Dizzion Cloud Delivered Desktops (DaaS) Dizzion brings the power of cloud computing to the desktop by enabling... Cloud Dizzion
    CenturyLink Cloud Compute Build cloud servers to meet your specific requirements. Our compute... Cloud CenturyLink
    AT&T Private Cloud
    AT&T Private Cloud If the thought of putting your data in a public cloud causes concern,... Cloud AT&T
    NewCloud Hybrid Cloud NewCloud is an ideal hybrid cloud provider as we offer maximum... Cloud NewCloud Networks
    SAP Business Warehouse Capture, store, and consolidate your vital enterprise information with... Cloud SAP
    CenturyLink Managed Office With CenturyLink® Managed Office, we manage your office communications... Cloud CenturyLink
    CenturyLink Business Applications CenturyLink business applications can help boost your business'... Cloud CenturyLink
    DataPipe Disaster Recovery Whatever your needs, our recovery experts will work with you to ensure... Cloud DataPipe
    Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management and enterprise... Cloud Microsoft