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    Telehouse New York Chelsea Data Center

    85 10th Avenue, 7th Floor, New York 10011, New York, United States

    Telehouse New York Chelsea Data Center
    Data Center
    Building Size
    Total Raised Floor
    60000 SF
    Business Type(s)
    Retail & Wholesale
    North America
    Total Power

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    Standard power to rack at 3.5kVA with scalable options to 5kVA - Single power feed of 4.15MVA in a N+2 configuration is provided into the building - Four static 750kVA (3,000 total kVA); 3+1 configuration - Two 2.5MVA diesel-powered generators fueled to provide 80 hrs at full load - Battery capacity at 15 minutes at full load -


    Redundant N+1 cooling as 2 chiller systems with 4 risers - Maximum external ambient temperatures of 75ËšF and 50% humidity - Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design - Four cooling towers - Over 18 inch raised floor throughout - 24/7 central monitoring for all HVAC and building systems - Gas suppression system ensures no damage to customer


    CCTV surveillance installed throughout internal and external perimeters - Secured & monitored single-person point entry and physical 24/7 security personnel on-site - 24/7 authorized customer personnel access via regularly updated access lists with photo identification - Biometric security confirmation system


    Multiple bandwidth & IP connectivity options - Low monthly cross connect fees & choice of managed IT services inside or outside our facilities - Diverse external and internal ï¬ber routes (POE & building risers), all supported with DSR-MDF-IDF high performance cabling - Peering with Telehouse America’s International Internet


    SSAE 16, HIPAA and PCI accreditation compliant

    Additional Information

    Over 18 inch raised floor throughout - 8.85 ft above raised floor - Maximum floor load of 143.4 lb/sq. ft - Overhead power and communications cable route - Current PUE level at 1.69 - Customer staging rooms available with storage space - Access to rooftop antenna available


    Telehouse New York Chelsea Data Center is located a t85 10th Avenue, 7th Floor, New York 10011, New York, United States . Sales 877-406-2248. 

    Our latest New York data center is strategically located in Manhattan, at 85 10th Avenue offering 60,000 square feet of Tier 3 colocation space.

    Connected to the Telehouse owned New York International IX, Telehouse NYC provides direct access to over 25 major carriers and 150 connectivity members. Colocation facility designed and built for financial, IT and highly corporate service industries managing business-critical data.


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