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The right humidity makes a decisive contribution to a variety of situations encountered in day-to-day life – in the business environment as well as in private premises. The importance of humidity is so significant that clear directives exist in many countries for the operation and maintenance of humidification systems. It is scientifically proven that a real sense of well-being can only be achieved in a narrowly defined humidity range between 40 – 60 %. These values are often difficult to maintain under day-to-day conditions. This is why we provide a comprehensive range of different humidification systems embodying a variety of technologies – to ensure optimal air humidification in every situation.

Condair is the leading manufacturer and provider of complete solutions in the areas of humidification and evaporative cooling, with a comprehensive portfolio including products, services, experience, and know-how. This enables us to create the ideal indoor climate while keeping energy consumption low and reducing the impact on the environment. This holistic approach becomes more important every day. We are proud that we are already well equipped to embrace this challenge.