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2000year founded
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DataTech-Plus, Inc.

Equipment Maintenance
Facilities Infrastructure Management
Network Hardware/Software
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DataTech-Plus Inc., a North Carolina corporation, was created and incorporated primarily a 24X7 break/fix organization backing up others.  We also do installs, rollouts, and upgrades nationwide.  Technology driven company headquartered in our regional office at 8601 Six Forks Road, Suite 400, Raleigh, North Carolina.  We also have several regional offices throughout North America.
From its inception, DataTech-Plus, Inc. has invested in personnel, equipment, and independent systems development to become a quality systems integrator.  Solutions based on client needs, not brands offered.   We have technicians strategically located in all 50 states and the 10 Canadian provinces, with capabilities from certified wire installers to CCIE level data engineers.
DataTech-Plus provides all aspects of voice and data communications, from site surveys and system design to completed post installation maintenance.   We cover all media, twisted pair, fiber, coax, and wireless distribution.   All of our infrastructure designs are certified by in-house RCDD’s, with stamp.   Whether a legacy TDM PBX or cutting edge IP based call center, we can provide the services required.    We have a history of quality experience in Information Technology infrastructure, and offer a truly full service telecommunications company.  

Engagements by DataTech-Plus Personnel;
A large midwestern-based bank was moving into a new 1.9 million square foot headquarters.  The first move of 2,200 people had nearly doubled the budget and wrought with Day 1 outages.  We were engaged to project manage the remainder of the new buildings outfitting, move the remaining 2,700 employees, and collapse the 28 locations they presently occupied.  The mission was accomplished with savings of over $ 1M of budgeted funds.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Twisted Pair Wire, Fiber Optics, Coax, and associated termination hardware Outside Distribution assessment, design and installation Hubs/Switches, Routers, And More
Maintenance (24-hour, 7-days), Drawings available based on client criteria WLAN and AP surveys, design and installation, Refurbished Equipment (telephony and cards)
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