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FMS Integration LLC

Energy Management
Environmental Monitoring
Leak Detection
System Integration
Technology Design and Consulting

FMS Integration (FMS) assists facilities with all their monitoring requirements – to include remote monitoring, wireless monitoring, on-site assistance, and leak detection whether mission critical or standard applications. We focus on device agnostic solutions from sensor to appliance. Our remote monitoring solutions range from dry contacts, analog 4-20mA, Modbus, BACnet and SNMP style input data. We offer our services and product solutions across North America.


FMS provides facilities with the monitoring needed for their critical infrastructure devices and rooms. We promote open systems, thus expansion to larger software-based solutions does not require new gateway hardware being installed. From smaller dedicated monitoring solutions to midrange, these devices can function independently when required. The solutions we offer use open protocols, so we provide your organization the flexibility to link devices to larger software-based solution where required. Modbus, BACnet or SNMP, depending on the monitoring appliance deployed. Depending on your field devices, we assist with programming, firmware updates, and communication testing to your network. FMS has been in the industry since 2001, with extensive knowledge of field devices used in the industry.


FMS is an authorized reseller for RLE Leak detection controllers and sensing cables. We can assist with new build outs, startup/commissioning, mapping, retrofits, troubleshooting and maintenance. FMS has been working with Leak Detection systems since 2001 and has extensive knowledge on the zone and distance read style systems. 

Power Monitoring

FMS Integration LLC has been working with different Power Monitoring applications since 2003. From monitoring small UPS units, Power Meters and other critical components of an electrical distribution system. FMS Integration has experience with new installations to retrofits down to the rack level for your Power Monitoring needs. If you have an application, and would like to discuss it with us, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  

Temperature Monitoring

FMS Integration has temperature sensor solutions from wired to wireless technology. From room temperature, temperature/humidity, rack level, storage vessels, refrigerator and freezer solutions applications. Sensor technology can be integrated back to your existing system or tied into a new monitoring platform depending on your needs.