Jersey City, NJ
2004year founded
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R&R Managed Telecom Solutions

R&R disrupts traditional thinking that Telecom Carriers should own datacenter, routers, telecom switches, firewalls, SBCs, OSS/BSS software and have a team of engineers. We prove that a cloud-based service designed specifically for Carrier’s needs is not only simpler and cheaper to run but is also more reliable, more flexible and more scalable.

And we help Carriers to save OPEX in a lot more ways: 

-    We’re masters of automation. We automate every routine task of a Carrier from rate uploads to call quality testing and CLI verification to routing table management, invoicing and dispute resolution. 

-    We’re obsessed with security. Multiple layers of service protection from DDOS mitigation to pinhole firewall to traffic fingerprinting to two-factor authentication. We got you covered. -    We know resiliency. Every device in our network has a hot-standby protection, every bit of data we store has at least 3 copies and our SBC has geo-redundancy with real-time data synchronization.

And we know the value of good relations We're obsessed with service quality. We're dedicated to awe you with top level of customer support and technical excellence. Our team is handpicked professionals who not only excel in engineering but also act as the first point of contact for our Clients.