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The Sony PetaSite Library solution is a key differentiator for long-term regulatory compliant data preservation and archive.

  • Distributed, fault-tolerant, high-performance enterprise data center architecture
  • Optical library automation scales-up from 158TB to 2.8PB per rack, unlimited scale-out capacity 
  • Lowest enterprise-class data center storage power consumption, minimal cooling/humidity requirements
  • Cold data repository ideal for Archive-as-a-Service business models
  • Industry-standard NFS/CIFS/S3/VTL interface options
    • Provides unlimited storage & retrieval of any variety of structured, semi-structured & unstructured data
    • Provides seamless integration with existing applications, infrastructure and security practices
  • Single-pane of glass management platform
  • Employs 3rd. generation ODA optical storage technology
    • 500GB double-sided Archival Disc (AD) media
    • 5.5TB Write-Once/Read-Many (WORM) media cartridge for compliant long-term data permanence
    • Media data retention & shelf-life over 100+ years
    • No costly media/data migration over the entire life of the system
    • Media not vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse (EMP), humidity, seawater immersion, sonic pulse or X-Ray
  • Highest data integrity 10-24 of any storage media for ultimate data protection and geographic resilience
  • Best data longevity TCO
  • General Availability release February 2020
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