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    Equinix - DU2 Dusseldorf IBX Data Center

    67 Henkelstraße, Düsseldorf 40589, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    Equinix - DU2 Dusseldorf IBX Data Center
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    |2,700 square meters (29,000 square feet) of gross data center space


    |From Airports -10.6 mi (17.1 km) to D ¼sseldorf International Airport (DUS). |Location Orientation - 4.47 mi (7.2 km) to DU1 D ¼sseldorf IBX Equinix Data Center.


    |Reliability”All Equinix IBX data centers are equipped with full UPS power, back-up systems and N+1 (or greater) redundancy, with a proven, industry-leading >99.9999% uptime record. - |Power Density”With robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, Equinix IBX data centers exceed the -


    |Security”Each Equinix IBX data center utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the facility, including individual cages.


    | Equinix Cloud Exchange | Equinix Connect | Equinix Internet Exchange | Equinix Metro Connect | Cross Connects | Global Roaming Exchange | Management Access


    | SSAE16 Compliance | ISO Certification | LEED Certification

    requirements of even the most power-hungry deployments. - |Recovery”IBXflex„¢ Space provides operations centers and storage space when you need it; Equinix Smart Hands„¢ offers 24-hour access to qualified technical support”with Equinix, you can maintain your mission-critical operations and equipment under any circumstances. -


    Equinix - DU2 Dusseldorf IBX Data Center located at 67 Henkelstraße, Düsseldorf, Germany 40589, in the Nordrhein-Westfalen Region. Sales 877-406-2248.  From Airports –10.6 mi (17.1 km) to Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS).  Location Orientation – 4.47 mi (7.2 km) to DU1 Düsseldorf IBX Equinix Data Center. 

    The new data center (DU2) provides 29,000 square feet of computer floor, or enough space to support 560 IT cabinets. A fiber network will connect the company's two facilities in the city, allowing customers at DU1 "to seamlessly grow their data center operations."

    Equinix has also opened its new Dusseldorf-2 (DU2) IBX data center, adding 560 cabinets and 2,700 square meters (29,000 square feet) of gross data center space in Dusseldorf. Located southeast of the city, the new center will be tethered to Equinix's original Dusseldorf IBX data center (DU1) through dark fiber links, enabling existing DU1 customers to seamlessly grow their data center operations.  This growth in German operations is part of Equinix's $1.4 billion (EUR 1.0billion) 2007-2010 global expansion plan.

    "Demand for premier data center services continues to outpace supply across all major European metro regions," continued Schwartz. "Equinix is focused on closing this gap between demand and supply and is committed to expanding its capacity, by both building new data centers and systematically upgrading existing ones."

    Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) provides global data center services that ensure the vitality of the information-driven world. Global enterprises, content and financial companies, and network service providers rely upon Equinix's insight and expertise to protect and connect their most valued information assets. Equinix operates 49 International Business Exchange(TM) (IBX(R)) data centers across 18 markets in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.



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