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Vicki Patten
Vicki Patten
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Chad Markle

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3 Apr 2020
Datacenters.com Signs Agreement With 365 Data Centers to Offer Colocation Services
ENGLEWOOD, CO. April 3, 2020 Datacenters.com, the leading technology platform and marketplace for buyers and sellers of colocation, cloud, and connectivity, has entered into a strategic partnership 365 Data Centers to offer colocation and connectivity solutions throughout the United States.As part of the direct agreement, Datacenters.com will offer colocation, interconnection and support services from 365 Data Centers to its existing customer and throughout its network of independent sales agents, consultants, brokers and MSPs. 365 Data Centers will also be participating in the launch of the Datacenters.com Project Platform platform which is a digital RFP tool for colocation.365 Data Centers has a great channel program for partners like Datacenters.com, said April Armijo, VP of Operations at Datacenters. 365 Data Centers provides great support and quick turnaround times for quote and pricing requests.365 Data Centers have added their company profile along with all of their data center locations to the Datacenters.com platform. 365 Data Centers currently has 12 data center locations listed with facilities in Boca Raton, Bridgewater, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Long Island, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York City and Tampa.We are proud of our strong relationship with Mike Allen and his team, said Nathan Milkins, Channel Manager at 365 Data Centers, Datacenters.com is the top platform in the data center industry for marketing and selling colocation services online.In addition to listing their company profile and data center locations, 365 Data Centers is also participating in the Datacenters.com Marketplace. The Marketplace features upfront and transparent pricing on colocation bundled services and packages. Datacenters.com users can reserve colocation space at any of the 365 Data Center locations online.About Datacenters.comDatacenters.com is the #1 technology platform and marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of colocation, cloud, connectivity, managed services, and related IT services. Were dedicated to one thing helping IT professionals research, purchase, and manage their technologies across a diverse range of solutions, providers and vendors.Since 2014, Datacenters.com℠ has attracted more than 1.4 million visitors. The platform provides detailed information on 295 providers, 2,917 data center facilities, and 331 marketplace products globally.Datacenters.com is the sister company of Global Consulting Group, Inc. (GCG), a leading technology services distributor and IT consulting company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.Learn more at Datacenters.com and follow us on LinkedIn.About 365 Data Centers365 Data Centers is a leading provider of hybrid data center solutions in 12 strategic, primarily edge, markets. The Company operates facilities aggregating220,000 SF and 21 MW of power, along with a robust interconnected, resilient, low latency, nationwide fiber network. 365s carrier neutral ecosystem and secure, reliable edge colocation, network, IP, DRaaS, backup, cloud and business continuity services help organizations reduce costs and drive innovation. Mission-critical application infrastructure is supported through industry leading SLA protections and by adhering to industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, SSAE 18, and ISAE 3402.Learn more at 365Datacenters.com.
3 Apr 2020
Retail Colocation vs. Wholesale Colocation: What’s the Difference?
What qualifies colocation as either retail or wholesale? It depends on who you are talking to. Various colocation providers and data center professionals have different thresholds to determine which type of colocation a client falls into. In this article, we will discuss the service options provided and the different thresholds that help to determine a retail colocation versus a wholesale colocation client as well as the costing structure.What is colocation?First of all, what is colocation? Colocation, also referred to as collocation, co-location or collocated, is a data center facility that has been sub-leased by multiple tenants for IT infrastructure. This infrastructure may be comprised of physical or virtual servers, storage devices, network routers and switches, and other equipment and hardware.Colocation providers often lease their colocation space within a data center to businesses, large enterprise clients, government agencies and other service providers. In return, the customers receive a turnkey hosting solution that typically includes raised floor space, power circuits, internet, and network connectivity, physical security, and critical systems monitoring. This all-inclusive service allows the customer to host their mission-critical IT infrastructure offsite in one or more data center locations. When you look at colocation service offerings, you will notice that it really comes down to three elements, space, power and connectivity or space, power and ping.What is retail colocation?Retail colocation is geared towards businesses, start-ups, and government agencies.SpaceRetail colocation space is usually defined by a provider as anything under 10 colocation racks or cabinets. This space typically includes one or more colocation racks located side-by-side or dispersed throughout a data center and connected together with cross connects instead of being in a private cage. Retail colocation can include per unit colocation space in increments of 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U as well as locking colocation quarter racks, half racks, and full racks. It can also include multiple locking racks.PowerPower, or usable power requirements, is another measure or threshold for retail colocation. Colocation providers will reference rack power densities, power circuits, and usable power as a measure for pricing services and classifying them as retail or wholesale. Providers have different power thresholds to classify retail colocation based on geographic location or the data center facility itself. In my experience, retail colocation services include total power densities less than 100 kilowatts (kW). Again, this varies greatly by colocation provider. Retail colocation could be up to 100kW, 200kW, 500kW or 1MW.Connectivity/PingWhen it comes to colocation, internet services and network connectivity or ping play a smaller role in determining whether or not to classify the service as retail or wholesale. With retail colocation, many providers include blended internet access or offer options in relation to the telecom carrier or ISP the client prefers.Cost StructureRetail colocation providers offer bundled services at a flat rate based on the power circuit or kW included with the service. such as a full colocation rack with 208V/20A power and 100 Mbps blended internet connection for a set monthly price. On top of the bundled service cost there is an installation cost also known as non-recurring charges (NRC). Most colocation providers, both retail and wholesale) include the cost of the buildout into the initial deposit and monthly recurring charges (MRC). This includes infrastructure buildout costs associated with delivery of additional power, cooling and connectivity such as fiber builds. It also includes rack containments, facility access, security and installation of critical data center infrastructure such as UPS systems and backup generators. The cost is usually lower for retail installation because of the space and complexity requirements and the racks may already be set up.What is wholesale colocation?Wholesale colocation is geared towards large enterprises, service providers and government agencies.SpaceA wholesale colocation client will require more space so they may receive a locking private cage, private suite or even a build to suit option in which expansion or new data center facility is constructed or built out for their needs. The purpose of wholesale colocation space being separate from other clients is to ensure the security of IT infrastructure in a multi-tenant data center facility.PowerWholesale colocation pricing is dependent on the power costs associated with the colocation space. As stated above, most wholesale colocation clients require 500 kW or more for total power, but this number may fluctuate. Most colocation providers start by defining the clients total usable power requirements. For example, a client may require 500 kW to power their IT infrastructure in their offsite colocation environment. The provider will first calculate the rack power density for each colocation rack to determine the amount of space required. If the client requests 500 kW of power and each rack has a power density of 10 kW per rack, the colocation provider will offer 50 colocation racks.Connectivity/PingWholesale colocation typically includes only space and power. Internet and network connectivity can be offered by the colocation provider or telecom carrier and ISP of the clients choosing. The internet and connectivity requirements for wholesale colocation may include special requirements and buildouts such as cross connects, dark fiber and roof rights. The bandwidth requirements and diversity of on-net carriers can play a critical role in selecting a wholesale colocation provider.CostPricing options for wholesale colocation differs from the bundled services cost model used by retail colocation. Wholesale colocation providers can provide pricing options such as per kW, MW, or kVA as well as offering metered or sub-metered power pricing. Metered power allows for more flexibility in pricing when power requirements are variable. Most colocation providers that offer metered colocation require a minimal commitment and then charge for usage above the commitment level on a per kWh cost. The installation cost is also higher for wholesale because of the requirements and design of the space.Which is right for you - retail or wholesale colocation?Which is better for your current IT infrastructure requirements retail or wholesale colocation? The answer really depends on the client and colocation provider. As a good rule of thumb, retail colocation is anything under 10 colocation cabinets. Wholesale colocation is anything over 10 cabinets and power requirements over 100 kW. Again, this is highly dependent on the colocation provider, geographic location, and data center facility.Can you save money with wholesale colocation over retail colocation? Yes. However, theres a larger commitment in terms of the NRC, MRC, and length of the contract. Despite colocation prices being lower, the wholesale colocation provider must be able to realize the profit over time.Contact me to learn more about your options for colocation and whether retail or wholesale colocation is a better fit for your IT infrastructure requirements. Were partnered with all of the top colocation providers and can provide you with different pricing options based on your goals and objectives.
25 Mar 2020
Colony Capital's Data Center, Cell Tower and Small Cell Portfolio Outlook
ORIGINALLY POSTED ON INSIDE TOWERS ON MARCH 25, 2020On Monday, Wells Fargo Senior Analyst Jennifer Fritzsche hosted an investor call with Marc Ganzi, CEO of Digital Colony and incoming CEO of Colony Capital. The conversation touched on all areas of Ganzis rapidly expanding holdings: data centers, fiber, small cells, and macro towers.Colony Capital has 40 percent of its assets under management in the Digital Infrastructure bucket, according to Fritzsche, with a goal of 50 percent by YE2020 and 90 percent by YE2021. Ganzi said the tough part of being in telecom is that the networks have to keep functioning and people in the industry dont have the option of taking time off. We take this responsibility very seriously, he said. While he has been working mostly from home, he said hes been working seven days a week through the crisis.Fritzsches takeaways from the teleconference covered the following:Wireless TowersColony has ownership stakes in 4 tower cos in North and South America and 2 in Europe, where he remains bullish. The businesses had strong Jan/Feb, although it did fall off somewhat in March. He noted its more of a struggle with the logistics around getting a lease processed and the paper chase that comes with this. He remains convinced TMUS will hit the ground running with its network plans once the Sprint deal officially closes. Ganzi echoed others comments that the urgency to get more spectrum to the market is as high as it has ever been. The recent Special Temporary Authority (STA) agreements offer a further boon for the tower sector (as more infrastructure will be needed to light this spectrum up).Data CentersColony Capitals data center portfolio (across Canada, DataBank and Vantage Data Centers) had strong Q1 performance. On the hyperscale side, Vantage had record bookings in Q1 on a MW basis, which remains an attractive business in todays uncertain environment (80 percent of tenants are investment-grade, 13 year weighted avg. contract duration). Ganzi did note that the supply chain could delay projects where the shovels are just hitting the ground or future development projects. DataBank had very solid trends in January and February, although he did note some bookings softness in the past week. He believes the COVID-19 crisis will only increase urgency around edge networks, highlighting Databanks presence in secondary and tertiary markets.Small CellsThis segment continues to see the fastest organic growth of the four broadband infrastructure silos at Colony. Ganzi noted while there is no lack of demand for small cells but with the COVID situation, it could cause a delay in zoning given municipality closures due to Shelter in Place rules for new building permits and pole attachments. The point was made 5G equipment overlay could be easier in areas that already have C-RAN deployments because radios and software can be switched out quickly. On the spectrum side, Ganzi seemed particularly excited about the CBRS opportunity and opportunities that could drive for the sector (likely more indoor DAS and enterprise). Colony managed Extenet Systems (based here in Chicago) currently running multiple enterprise trails that prove out new business models for shared infrastructure.MA ThoughtsGanzi noted that some deals wont get done in the current environment. Towers will likely be the easiest to finance given their long track record and predictable cash flows fiber and small cells will likely be more difficult.
23 Mar 2020
Datacenters.com Partners with Iron Mountain Data Centers on Colocation
ENGLEWOOD, CO. March 23, 2020 Datacenters.com, the leading technology platform and marketplace for buyers and sellers of colocation, cloud, and connectivity, officially announced today its partnership with Iron Mountain Data Centers.Datacenters.com is one of only a few partners with a direct agreement with Iron Mountain Data Centers. The partnership agreement allows both Datacenters.com and Global Consulting Group (GCG) to refer its employees, consultants, sales partners and clients to Iron Mountain Data Centers full suite of products and services.Weve had a lot of success with Global Consulting Group (GCG) and Datacenters.com, said Michael C. DeVito, SVP Global Sales Marketing, for Iron Mountain Data Centers. With their industry-leading platform and team of highly experienced technology consultants and advisors, we look forward to building upon that success in the future as both companies innovate.Iron Mountain Data Centers offers highly secure, resilient and compliant colocation services and data center facilities located in established, edge and disaster recovery markets in the United States and Internationally. Iron Mountain offers data center locations in Boston, Denver, Kansas City, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Northern Virginia, Amsterdam, London, and Singapore.Iron Mountain and Global Consulting Group (GCG) have had agreat relationship over the years dating back to theFortrust Data Centers days, said Joel St. Germain, CEO of Datacenters.com. Were excited to announce the Datacenters.com and Iron Mountain Data Centers partnership and look forward to our continued success.###About Datacenters.comDatacenters.com is the #1 technology platform and marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of colocation, cloud, connectivity, managed services, and related IT services. Were dedicated to one thing helping IT professionals research, purchase, and manage their technologies across a diverse range of solutions, providers and vendors.Since 2014, Datacenters.com has attracted more than 1.8 million visitors. The platform provides detailed information on hundreds of providers, thousands of data centers, and marketplace products globally.Datacenters.com is the sister company of Global Consulting Group, Inc. (GCG), a leading technology services distributor and IT consulting company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.Learn more at Datacenters.com and follow us on LinkedIn.Media ContactBob West, VP of Marketing for Datacenters.comPhone: (303) 406-2108Email: Bob@datacenters.comWebsite: Datacenters.comAbout Iron Mountain Data CentersIron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), founded in 1951, is the global leader for storage and information management services. Trusted by more than 225,000 organizations around the world, and with a real estate network of more than 90 million square feet across more than 1,450 facilities in over 50 countries, Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts. Providing solutions that include information management, digital transformation, secure storage, secure destruction, as well as data centers, cloud services, and art storage and logistics, Iron Mountain helps customers lower cost and risk, comply with regulations, recover from disaster, and enable a digital way of working.Visit http://www.ironmountain.com for more information.