Digital Realty: Digital Frankfurt Germany Data Center

Wilhelm-Fay-Straße 21, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Building Size73195 sqft
Colocation Space50806 sqft
Total Power40 kVa
Nearest Airport5.6 mi
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About this Facility

The data center is located in the northwest of Frankfurt in a designated technical Hub. It has three buildings with a total net area of 16,700 m2. In Each building contains 6 data suites with 930 m2 each. There are about 5,500 M2 In addition to areas for offices, packaging, test facilities and plant. The round 2.5 hectares of land offers space for 3 RZ halls including associated Parking spaces. The currently available power supply with 40 MVA allows 27 MW It-Leistungverteilt to the three operating buildings. In the three-storey buildings 3 MW of 2n it performance per Floor, generated by 3 + 1 Distributed-redundant USVSystemen For 2 data Suites each Per floor. The individual buildings are supported by a midvoltage Diesel Generator System (10 kv) In the current operation. can be maintained. The cooling is also carried out via a Running Operation maintainable System With a capacity of n + 1 under Using a free cooling refrigerant system with a design PUE of 1.3.


Facility Types

Colocation Facility Yes
DRBC Site Yes


ISO 27001 Yes
ISO 50001 Yes
ISO 14001 Yes

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