Case Studies

Learn how to purchase and manage data centers from case studies.

Bare Metal Cloud Case Study

Learn how using Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud,available from,a gaming platform rapidly built a global network. Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud met every single requirement and required almost no effort on the part of the Client to deploy. Over 6 months,more than 1,100 bare metal servers were deployed across 5 continents,including sizable presences in emerging markets like Brazil and the Philippines. Manage your bare metal with the CloudRack Control Center from Deploy today!

Bare Metal Computing Leads a Changing Cloud Landscape

Organizations that are looking to migrate performance- or location-sensitive workloads to the cloud are increasingly looking into bare metal cloud options.

Cloud Hyper-V Migration Case Study

A publishing company needed assistance in migrating virtual machines running in VMware to Microsoft Hyper V. This PDF is the case study for the migration.

Cloud Migration Auto-Scaling AWS Case Study

A large publishing company had an under-utilized and expensive dedicated server infrastructure. Its goal was to reduce the cost of their infrastructure by migrating to AWS,utilizing EC2,S3,RDS,ElastiCache,and Redshift.

Cloud To Cloud Migration Case Study

Client needed to move cloud providers to improve reliability and to handle increased loads. Migrate production workload,along with current data,without any interruption to business operations.