Case Studies

Learn how to purchase and manage data centers from case studies.

Cloud Hyper-V Migration Case Study

The cost savings in the new Hyper-V environment were significant enough to invest in a disaster recovery solution utilizing native Hyper-V tools. This solution gave the customer a high-availability solution with replication into a second data center location.

Cloud Migration Auto-Scaling AWS Case Study

A large publishing company was utilizing several expensive dedicated servers,across several hosting companies,to host their direct to consumer and media websites. Its goal was to reduce cost by migrating to AWS. This was accomplished utilizing EC2,S3,ElastiCache,and Route 53. Auto-scaling was a necessity because traffic to the sites fluctuated. The traffic could vary based on book releases,sales and other forms of publicity and media.

Cloud To Cloud Migration Case Study

In less than four weeks,our team successfully migrated everything from one cloud provider to another.

IoT Edge Computing Use Cases

IoT edge computing is significantly different from non-IoT edge computing,with distinct demands and considerations. IoT devices typically have limited data processing and storage capabilities,so substantial data processing needs to occur off the device,with the edge offering an environment to undertake this processing and manage large volumes of IoT devices and data. This in turn can reduce device cost,as many functions can be off-loaded to the edge. The location of the edge itself has various possibilities and will differ according to the use case. For example,the edge for IoT could reside at an operator's local or regional data center,at a base station or at a dedicated server on the customer's premises.

Iron Mountain: Challenges, Drivers and Opportunities for Gaming Digital Infrastructure

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