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Equinix Overview

At Equinix, we believe in the power of interconnection. The rise of digital business is inspiring innovative commerce and collaboration models and whole new ways of competing. Interconnection makes it all happen. It puts everything within reach.

Choose Equinix with confidence, knowing you are choosing the global interconnection leader. We are strategically positioned with 200 industry-leading data centers, bringing together market leaders and innovators on a single, global interconnection platform to help you create your digital future. With Equinix, your opportunities are endless.


Cages Yes
Colocation Services Yes
Cloud Assessments Yes
Cross Connects Yes
Cloud Services Yes
Private Suites Yes
Private Yes
Remote Hands Yes
Cabinets Yes
Cloud Connectivity Yes
Connectivity Services Yes
Public Yes
Professional Services Yes
Hybrid Yes
Security Encryption Yes
Interconnection Yes

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Colocation Buyer's Guide

The Colocation Buyer's Guide – Is colocation is right for your business? In this buyer’s guide we will walk you through the top considerations and questions to ask when selecting colocation markets, providers and data center facilities.