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Migration of Enterprise White Paper

A Guide to Your Migration Options: Private and Public Clouds, Application Evaluation Criteria, and Application Migration Best Practices.

Data Migration Methodology White Paper

Through data migration facilitates the transition to superior technology, it entails more than what it reveals to the eye. A process as crucial as data migration does not come without its own set of challenges. Data migration as a process leaves organizations with several concerns and potential pain points.

Power and Metering Whitepaper

Data center managers are continuously faced with the challenge of providing increased levels of power in subsequently reduced areas of space. They must achieve these feats all while adhering to budget constraints, maintaining mission critical levels of both uptime and reliability, and reducing stress on existing data center infrastructures. This seemingly impossible task is only made possible by leveraging the right approach to power monitoring at the outlet, circuit breaker, and inlet levels. Unfortunately, far too many businesses opt for data center solutions that use outdated power monitoring solutions that are unable to provide the insights, alerts, and fail-safes needed to create a scalable, reliable, and agile IT infrastructure.

Top Three Cloud Vulnerabilities with Digital Transformation

In virtualized environments, one of the dominant security challenges is the growing complexity of virtual machine (VM) architecture, which often spans across platforms and data center locations to support the increasingly dynamic application workloads. Managing such architectures ups the requirements for security, staff skill sets, and technology, ultimately leading to more complexity in the data center, which in turn increases the cost to manage, operate, and update your environment.

10 Key Factors for Disaster Recovery White Paper

Selecting the Best Data Center for Disaster Recovery