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CoreSite Overview

CoreSite data centers create a central foundation for businesses to support a streamlined, holistic IT environment from networking, to cloud connectivity and fully managed solutions. Businesses choose CoreSite because they know that connectivity should come with optionality and that they can grow cost-effectively from a single cabinet to a large-scale deployment in major metros while still accessing the cloud, network and IT providers they need. All of this is met with a commitment to operational excellence, backed by a 100% uptime SLA. CoreSite serves 1,350+ customers across every industry.


Public Yes
Cyber Security Services Yes
Managed Services Yes
Monitoring Yes
Security Encryption Yes
DDoS Mitigation Yes
Hybrid Yes
Cloud Services Yes
Cross Connects Yes
Private Yes
Managed Yes
Interconnection Yes
Connectivity Services Yes
Ethernet Yes
Dedicated Internet Yes
High Density Yes
Cloud Connectivity Yes
Rack Space Yes
Remote Hands Yes
Dark Fiber Yes
Private Suites Yes
Cabinets Yes
Cages Yes
Colocation Services Yes

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Facility Types

Colocation Buyer's Guide

The Colocation Buyer's Guide – Is colocation is right for your business? In this buyer’s guide we will walk you through the top considerations and questions to ask when selecting colocation markets, providers and data center facilities.