Half 22U Rack - 5 Amps
Located in London Data Center (20 Lanrick Rd, London, UK)
Space1/2 cabinet
Product power1 kW
Power circuit15A/208 AC
SpeedNot Included
IPsNot Included
Term1 year
Sale ends on Jul 1
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IP House Half 22U Rack - 5 Amps

Situated in the heart of London’s Data Hub, Docklands, IP House operate a purpose-built Data Centre, dedicated to providing industry leading solutions. A highly secure facility, protected by 24/7 CCTV and additional anti-intrusion measures, make our facility the premier choice for your colocation needs. Our London Docklands facility has 560 racks in 2 Data Suites covering 14,221 sq ft. The Data Centre operates elite technologies for power, cooling, security and communications, to deliver an efficient solution for our clients.
Tier I Carriers
We are a Cloud and Carrier neutral operator with superfast connectivity options ranging from 10Mb/s to 100Gb/s, making it the perfect high-performance solution for customers dependent on connectivity.
Cloud Connectivity
IP House benefits from global Cloud connectivity through an extensive network of private and public Cloud environments, rapidly scalable to suit your evolving business and capacity needs.
Flexible Contracts
Our flexible contract offerings allow you to maximise your value and revenue streams, enabling you to scale with demand. Take control of your colocation costs!

Data Center Specifications

Building Size: 16000 sqft
Colocation Space: 14000 sqft
Total Power: 2 kVa
Power Density: 0.0

Data Center Certifications

ISO 14001:Ok
ISO 27001:Ok
ISO 50001:Ok
ISO 9001:Ok

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