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Phoenix NAP
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Phoenix NAP Overview

Founded in 2009, phoenixNAP’s mission has always been to provide outstanding value and service, using state-of-the-art technology, while continually improving their technical and human assets. It is through these methods that they are able to maintain an incredibly customer responsive experience that puts their needs first. They remove the stress from IT management, so their customers can focus on their core business. When you work with phoenixNAP, you don’t just get a state-of-the-art, catastrophe-free Data Center, you gain access to their greatest asset—their people. PhoenixNAP employees are highly skilled professionals who maintain leading-edge knowledge of their hardware, software, and security measures. The phoenixNAP team is always here waiting to help. From their sales experts to their support team, they have one goal in mind: their success. 

PhoenixNAP delivers progressive Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solutions from strategic edge locations worldwide (USA, Europe, Asia). Its cloud, dedicated servers, hardware leasing and colocation options are built to meet always evolving IT requirements. Providing comprehensive Disaster Recovery solutions, DDoS protected global network, hybrid IT deployments with software and hardware-based security, phoenixNAP fully supports its clients' business continuity, security, and compliance demands.Offering scalable and resilient OpEx solutions with expert staff to assist, phoenixNAP supports growth and innovation in businesses of any size enabling their digital transformation. A new cloud security platform - Data Security Cloud - architected on the latest VMware® technologies offers highly granular security of virtualized workloads through advanced capabilities such as micro-segmentation, distributed firewalling, and VPN. Customers get a Secure-by-Design cloud environment with protection across not only the perimeter, but at the application level as well.


Cabinets Yes
Cages Yes
Colocation Services Yes
Cloud Assessments Yes
DRaaS Yes
Remote Hands Yes
BaaS Yes
Hybrid Yes
Rack Space Yes
DDoS Mitigation Yes
Monitoring Yes
Managed Services Yes
Public Yes
Managed Hosting Yes
Dedicated Servers Yes
Cloud Migration Yes
Storage Yes
IaaS Yes
DaaS Yes
Cloud Services Yes
Managed Yes
Private Yes
Cyber Security Services Yes
High Density Yes
Managed Firewall Yes
Security Encryption Yes
Vulnerability Scanning Yes
Professional Services Yes

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Phoenix NAP

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