Hivelocity: ORD1 Chicago Data Center

Hivelocity ORD1 Chicago Data Center is located at 350 East Cermak Road, Chicago, IL, USA. The gross building size for this location has not been provided. The gross colocation space is not available for this data center. No power information has been offered for this location. We found 121 data center locations within 50 miles of this facility. Certifications for this location include ISO 27001, LEED, PCI DSS, SOC 2, SOC 3.
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About ORD1 Chicago Data Center

Introducing Hivelocity ORD1 Data Center- a technological marvel nestled in the heart of Chicago, one of North America's most significant network hubs. Enjoy seamless connectivity with our strategically placed data center that ensures ultra-low latency across the continent.

Since its commissioning in 2020, Hivelocity ORD1 has maintained an unbroken record of 100% network uptime, a testament to our commitment to providing uninterrupted services. The data center is built on a robust Tier 3 design, characterized by redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links, and other critical IT components. This design allows for continuous availability, making it an ideal choice for businesses that demand high uptime.

At Hivelocity ORD1, we prioritize safety and have incorporated a state-of-the-art sub-floor leak detection system. This innovative feature is designed to detect and address potential leaks promptly, protecting your valuable equipment from water damage.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we conduct routine preventive maintenance on all essential infrastructure assets. Our dedicated team of professionals meticulously checks every aspect of our facility, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the likelihood of unexpected downtime.

Hivelocity ORD1 Data Center is more than just a data center; it's a promise of reliability, security, and unmatched performance. Trust us to keep your business connected, always.

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