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Data Center Brochure: Charlotte CLT10 Data Center

A Beacon of Connectivity and Security in Charlotte, NC

Advanced Data Center Solutions at 113 North Myers Street

CLT10, a purpose-built facility by Digital Realty at 113 North Myers Street, Charlotte, NC, encompasses 29,200 square feet of cutting-edge data center space. Nestled in the heart of Charlotte's Central Business District in the First Ward, this facility is strategically positioned to serve the robust needs of the city's major financial and government institutions. Its location on the city’s hospital power grid, a top-priority infrastructure, underscores its significance and reliability in providing critical services.

The three-level building is meticulously designed outside the 500-year flood plain, ensuring operational resilience and security. With 2N UPS redundancy and N+2 cooling redundancy, CLT10 is equipped to handle high-density deployments, offering a stable and efficient environment for mission-critical applications. The facility boasts a comprehensive suite of connectivity options, including ServiceFabricTM for direct and economical connections to major cloud providers.

Security is paramount at CLT10, featuring 24x7 onsite security personnel, monitored CCTV systems with a 90-day backup, and sophisticated biometric/photo badge access controls. Additionally, the facility offers remote hands services during business hours, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of any issues.

CLT10 stands as a testament to Digital Realty's commitment to excellence, with certifications including SOC2, SOC3, and PCI-DSS. This facility not only supports the operational demands of its clients but also aligns with sustainability goals, signaling Digital Realty’s dedication to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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