Data Center Brochure: Northern Virginia IAD39 Data Center

A Beacon of Digital Excellence in Ashburn, Virginia

Innovative Data Center Solutions at 44274 Round Table Plaza

Digital Realty's IAD39, positioned at 44274 Round Table Plaza, Building L, in the heart of Ashburn, Virginia, exemplifies the pinnacle of data center development in one of the most critical hubs for global internet traffic. This facility, offering an expansive suite of data center services, is engineered to support the most demanding requirements of cloud services, digital content providers, and enterprises with unparalleled efficiency and scalability. With its strategic location in Data Center Alley, IAD39 provides direct access to a vast array of connectivity options, facilitating seamless, high-speed data exchange and ensuring optimal performance across digital platforms. The center integrates the latest in power and cooling technologies, backed by Digital Realty's commitment to sustainability and resilience, making it an ideal environment for fostering innovation and securing the digital assets of businesses poised for growth.

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