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The Netherlands has emerged as a prominent player in the global data center market, offering a robust and thriving ecosystem for businesses seeking reliable and scalable infrastructure solutions.  

With its strategic location, advanced digital infrastructure, and favorable business climate, the Netherlands has become an essential market for companies looking to optimize their IT operations. 

Let's explore what makes the Netherlands data center market unique, its significance for businesses, and how can assist companies in securing colocation services in this competitive landscape. 

The Unique Aspects of the Netherlands Data Center Market 

Geographical Advantage 

The Netherlands, with its strategic location, serves as a vital gateway connecting Europe, the Americas, and Africa. This unique positioning makes it an ideal location for businesses with a global presence. The country's well-developed transportation infrastructure, including world-class airports and seaports, enables seamless access to major international markets. 

Its efficient logistics network and advanced digital infrastructure provide low-latency connectivity, facilitating quick and efficient trade and communication. Furthermore, the Netherlands' extensive network of free trade agreements and its membership in the European Union create a favorable business environment for companies looking to expand their operations globally. 

Overall, the Netherlands' advantageous geographical position makes it a prime choice for businesses seeking to establish a strong foothold in diverse markets across three continents. 

Digital Infrastructure 

The Netherlands takes pride in its highly advanced digital infrastructure, which encompasses extensive fiber-optic networks, high-speed internet connectivity, and a reliable power supply. This robust infrastructure serves as a solid foundation for data centers to flourish and meet the ever-growing demands of the digital economy. 

The country's commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and innovation has resulted in a network that provides seamless connectivity and ensures maximum uptime. With its state-of-the-art facilities, the Netherlands is an attractive destination for companies seeking to establish data centers and capitalize on the country's technological prowess. 

This advanced digital infrastructure not only supports the needs of local businesses but also attracts international companies looking for a stable and efficient environment to host their digital operations. 

Renewable Energy Commitment 

The Netherlands has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sources. The central government has set ambitious targets to make 16% of all energy used in the country sustainable by 2023. This includes a shift to alternative energy sources for transport and heating, as well as a focus on cutting carbon emissions. 

The Dutch National Energy and Climate Plan defines measures to support the achievement of targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and renewable energy. Biomass, wind, solar, and biomass already contribute significantly to the country's energy mix. With a clear vision for a sustainable future, the Netherlands offers an attractive environment for businesses looking to embrace eco-friendly practices and reduce their carbon footprints. 

Top 3 Colocation Providers

Google24 locations
QTS Data Centers
QTS Data Centers23 locations
NorthC17 locations
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