2023 Sustainability Trends in Colocation

31 May 2023 by Datacenters.com Colocation

Recent studies have revealed a significant shift in corporate priorities: sustainability is now high on the list when it comes to evaluating colocation services. Investing time researching the environmental impact of prospective partners is rising in importance for many enterprises seeking to partner with data center providers. 

Businesses have long realized the advantage of outsourcing their IT systems and routinely agree to long term agreements with other colocation providers. This means that businesses are more are more particular about what they look for in colocation providers when making partnership decisions. Sustainability is no longer just something new or ‘niche’; it has firmly established itself as one of the top considerations for honing business decisions. 

As the digital infrastructure for businesses become increasingly complex, sustainability and its related trends are impacting colocation centers around the world. By leveraging sustainable practices from energy efficiency to reducing water usage, colocation facilities can reap both environmental benefits and long-term cost savings.  

In this blog post, we will discuss how organizations in the colocation industry can utilize emerging trends and best practices when implementing sustainability strategies to stay ahead of their competition. 

Leaders in Data Center Colocation 

Datacenters.com is focused on powering cloud services, hybrid cloud, and digital infrastructure solutions with increased innovation and sustainability initiatives, making green initiative choices accessible for companies of all sizes.  

To enable this, we've established robust partnerships with data center providers worldwide offering state-of-the art facilities to cater to the rapidly evolving business requirements of the digital age. These places have data centers that use renewable energy like wind and solar power. They also use cooling systems, smart power management, and other strategies to save money while helping the environment. 

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Cutting Edge Data Center Sustainability  

Data centers consume massive amounts of energy, and if left unchecked, can contribute significantly to carbon emissions and climate change. As businesses increasingly rely on data centers to store and process their information, the demand for energy will only continue to rise.  

By implementing sustainable practices such as the ones listed below, data centers can reduce their environmental impact while also saving costs on energy bills.  

Heat Recovery Projects 

Data centers create a lot of heat. Heat recovery projects find ways to use this extra heat instead of wasting it. This extra heat can be used to warm nearby buildings or make electricity, so that other energy sources don't have to be used. 

By implementing heat recovery projects, data centers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while also lowering their energy costs. Additionally, these projects can create new revenue streams for data center operators and contribute to the development of more sustainable communities. Heat recovery projects are just one example of how data centers can adopt sustainable practices and become more environmentally friendly. 

Rooftop Greenhouses 

Several rooftop greenhouse projects have been implemented on data centers in recent years, providing a number of benefits to the data center operator. Using the roof of a data center makes it more efficient. It means that less land is needed and costs for taking care of the grounds can be lower. Additionally, these greenhouses can provide insulation benefits, helping to regulate the temperature inside the data center and potentially reducing energy consumption for cooling. 

Overall, rooftop greenhouse projects are a creative way for data center operators to implement sustainable practices while also generating additional revenue streams and improving the overall well-being of their workforce. 

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence  

AI algorithms can look at information from sensors and other sources. This helps them find ways to use less energy. It also helps them make adjustments to the cooling, lighting, and other systems right away. AI can also predict how much energy it will need in the future so it uses only as much as necessary. 

Artificial Intelligence can help data centers by finding problems before they happen. This means that the data center can be fixed or updated before it stops working, which will keep it running better for longer. 

Overall, the use of AI in data center sustainability is a promising trend that has the potential to significantly reduce environmental impact while also improving operational efficiency and reliability. 

Community Initiatives  

Some data center operators have started community initiatives to support biodiversity and promote sustainability. These initiatives can take many forms, such as creating wildlife habitats, planting native vegetation, or hosting educational events for the local community. By taking a proactive role in promoting biodiversity, data centers can contribute to the overall health of their local ecosystems while also helping to reduce their own environmental impact.  

Additionally, these initiatives can enhance the reputation of the data center operator and attract environmentally conscious customers. Helping the environment and local community is a great way for data centers to show they care about sustainability. It also helps protect and support biodiversity. 

Overcoming the disruption caused by data center power usage through sustainable operations is the only way to build brand trustworthiness and visibility while remaining a good steward of the community you operate within.  

Connect with our Team 

With sustainability having become an important consideration among organizations of all sizes, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impacts and handle their infrastructure needs sustainably and cost-effectively. 

The sustainable practices addressed in this post have proven to be a cost-effective strategy for data centers to reduce their energy bills and overall environmental impact. Datacenters.com is dedicated to providing innovative, green initiative solutions that can help companies of all sizes reach their sustainability goals.  

By connecting with our concierge team for a free consultation, data centers of all scales can find the sustainable solution that best fits their unique needs and budget requirements. We are committed to helping support the continued progress of sustainability in data centers through our no-cost consultations and green infrastructure solutions.  

It’s time to prioritize sustainable practices in your company’s data center operations - connect with Datacenters.com today for a no-cost consultation. 


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