CenturyLink Spotlight: Hybrid IT Services Proving Successful in Digital Transformation

27 Aug 2018 by Mike Allen

Digital transformation is a growing trend offering businesses a means of operating more efficiently. Digital transformation combines multiple technologies together to offer businesses the means to scale their operations. This technology conglomeration, which can be different applications for different organizations, is becoming a beneficial process in reshaping companies, small and large, run more efficiently through the use of technologies. There are companies that are positioned to support businesses on their journey of digital transformation. CenturyLink is a leader in managed services and digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hybrid IT is another technological ideology that is becoming well known. Hybrid IT blends a company's in-house IT services with advanced-technology, cloud-based applications. The idea of instituting a Hybrid IT platform, allows companies to work towards more efficient and affordable processes while keeping security challenges in the forefront. While it is easier for startup and smaller companies to totally utilize the cloud, larger organizations IT departments that are well-organized and efficient. Instituting the Hybrid IT foundation offers many companies an advantageous solution.

CenturyLink has again been awarded for its success as told in their latest news found on CenturyLink, "Frost & Sullivan names CenturyLink as Asia Pacific's top Hybrid IT Service Provider for fourth consecutive year." As reported, many Pacific-Asia businesses are making digital transformation a priority using Hybrid IT infrastructures. CenturyLink has been dedicated to becoming this region's committed provider.

Upon its acquisition of Level 3 Communications, CenturyLink became a greater global leader of communications services to enterprise, carrier, and governmental customers. The company is now positioned to better support organizations manage their Hybrid IT infrastructures to accomplish digital transformations necessary for growth and sustaining a competitive edge. CenturyLink's dedication and commitment to the Asia-Pacific businesses are providing the tools that are effectively guiding organizations to achieve scalability. 

Datacenters.com is proud to have CenturyLink as one of our top providers. If your organization is looking towards digital transformation, our proven process examines your business overall and the technologies that will drive your business today and into the future. Our consultative approach focuses on building long-term value and partnerships with our clients.

Contact us to learn how we can help your organization with digital transformation. Our business technology consultants have 20+ years of industry experience helping clients implement strategies and solutions.


Mike Allen

Mike Allen serves as VP of Solutions & Engineering and engages with clients directly to determine the best course of action for their IT infrastructure based on current and future requirements. Mike has an extensive technical background having worked for some of the largest carriers both domestically and Internationally. He specializes in data center, network, cloud and communications. He holds several certifications including CCNA and SSCA.

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