Data Center Demand Rising in Asia-Pacific Markets

28 Aug 2013 by Technology

"While North America rightly earned its place as the leading data center hub on the globe, enterprise powerhouses across the world are driving up the presence of Asia-Pacific (APAC) data centers on the world stage. We recently covered the world’s largest-ever data center located in this region, an IBM and Range Technology-funded facility currently under construction in Langfang, China. When completed, it will be a 6.2 million-square-foot behemoth once completed, but that’s far from the only top-notch facility that the region offers.

Right now, there are 198 colocation data centers in the APAC market spread over 12 countries. India boasts the highest concentration, with 77 data centers, while Japan and Hong Kong round out the top three, with 37 and 28 data centers, respectively. Data centers in China and colocation Singapore offer enterprises more than 10 options, and even Azerbaijan and tiny Nepal field a colocation facility within their borders. As international business needs compel many companies to ramp up their on-the-ground footprints around the globe, high-quality data centers in far-flung locales can enable this necessary expansion to continue without any hitches in data center storage, server virtualization and information security.

Hong Kong Government Focuses on Data Centers
The colocation Hong Kong market has risen substantially in recent years, but government officials continue to advocate further investment in the data center services market, SmartPlanet’s Vanessa Ko reported. Their methodology consists of two parts – first, they aim to come out on top in a race with regional rivals such as Singapore and Malaysia to be the go-to provider of data center outsourcing solutions. Secondly, along with industry leaders, the officials argue that placing data centers within the already bustling metropolis will increase its standing in the global business sphere.

Several clear advantages make a pretty clear case in favor of the initiative, Ko wrote. For one, the city’s financial and logistics industries continue to increase the demand for colocation hosting facilities. Hong Kong’s infrastructure boasts an “unusually reliable electric grid” that offers better backup than most cities are capable, while Hong Kong itself is located far from disruptive environmental factors like earthquakes and tornadoes. To drum up data center construction projects, city officials incentivized projects wherein companies transformed old warehouses into data centers. Land availability, however, could present limitations to data center growth.

Dyn Expands Footprint to Mumbai
India is home to one of the fastest-growing populations of Internet users both in the home and for business, and many data center owners and operators are investing aggressively in new state-of-the-art facilities. Dyn, a New Hampshire-based provider of Internet performance management, announced that it will open a data center in Mumbai, India. The facility is the company’s first in India. The new venture is a colocation effort by Dyn and carrier-neutral data center provider GPX Global Systems, the first Tier IV certified data center in South Asia.

IO Brings Modular to Several APAC markets
IO, one of the globe’s leading providers of modular data centers, announced that it will now distribute its modulesto companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. The move will allow the provider to increase its presence on the international stage, bringing its “Data Center 2.0? products to regional businesses that depend on the scalability offered by data centers and cloud infrastructure for continued growth."

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