Data Center Security Still a Major Problem, New SANS Study Finds

22 Oct 2014 by Technology

"Security, security, security: still job one in the world of datacenters. Lose your security credibility, and you lose just about everything: especially your reputation, and in this global economy of social media slams and the fact of virtual non-privacy, your reputation is everything.

SANS New 2014 Data Center Security Survey ID's Many Potential Security Threats

So a new survey from SANS (the world's most trusted resource with decades long experience in cyber security and information technology training - ((stands for SysAdmin, Audit, Networking, Security)) - it's 2014 Data Center Security Survey - concluded that the majority of datacenters' security measures just don't measure up.

Main possible leaks in the machines: legacy assets, cloud and virtual systems. And in the survey, a whopping 77% of the respondents are using hypervisors in their data center architectures, 27% mainframe computers and at a cringe-worthy level 14% of the respondents are still using Windows Server 2000.

According to senior SANS Analyst, Jake Williams, the author of the survey results paper that will be released during the associated webcast (for more information on the webcast, click here):

""The survey highlights the large number of data center operations still relying on legacy technologies, including mainframe computers, AS/400, SCO, and Windows 2000'¦Organizations still using these technologies should recognize that, although they are not alone, they must take steps to manage their current needs and plan for changes in their systems.""

Williams went on to say ""Automation of detection and response capabilities is one step organizations can take to secure their systems, regardless of what technologies they use. The SANS Data Center Security Survey defines the need for automation, but simultaneously identifies that full automation is easier said than done.""

Data center managers are focused on automating availability and load balance, with 92% reporting that they wholly or partially automated these systems. Only 65% have partially or fully automated compliance monitoring.

Williams added: ""Automation for uptime monitoring [availability and balance] appears relatively easy to accomplish, while automating compliance monitoring appears more difficult (based on the percentage of respondents who have done so).""

Again, for more information on the webcast click here."

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