Data Management and Enterprise Apps Create Rising Needs for Data Center Services

14 Jul 2014 by Technology

"All types of organizations today rely heavily on the enterprise apps employees utilize for business processes. At the same time, these groups are dealing with an ever-increasing amount of data which must be managed, organized and analyzed. These conditions are resulting in boosted needs for data center services within the technology sector. As the use of mobile applications and data will only continue in the near future, data center services are now all but critical to any organization's infrastructure.

Data Management Becoming Difficult for SMBs
Recent IDC research found that within the current small- to mid-size business environment, companies are increasingly leveraging the cloud to deal with the mass amount of information they have on hand. According to Datacenter Dynamics, this process is becoming increasingly complex and expensive for SMBs, and this is creating more demand for managed data center services.

The IDC study examined organizations with less than 1,000 employees within the U.S., the U.K, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea and Singapore. The survey showed that while these groups are ""compelled"" to utilize disaster recovery and other services located outside of their premises, they often don't have the knowledge and skill'‹ set to manage these processes themselves.

""SMBs recognize that off site data man'‹agement, back up and disaster recovery are imperative,"" Datacenter Dynamics contributor Nick Booth wrote. ""While the use of data centers among SMBs is increasing, there is a widespread recognition that a service provider could run the operations more efficiently.""

Due to the complicated and expensive nature of managing data in-house, many smaller enterprises are now adopting managed data center services to address these needs.

U.S. Army Migrates Enterprise Applications to Data Centers
Another factor impacting the level of data center service demands is the increased use of enterprise apps among organizations in nearly every industry. Instead of housing and operating these apps from their own internal system, many groups are now turning to data center service providers for these needs.

One such organization is the U.S. Army, which, according to its official webpage, recently received orders from Under Secretary of the Army Brad Carson to migrate all enterprise apps to designated data centers. The transition is set to be completed by the end of fiscal year 2018.

""Carson's memo is the first step to establish policy and procedures that will drive the Army from hosting enterprise-wide services at local data centers to hosting these services in modern, standardized, centralized environments,"" Army website contributor David Vergun wrote.

The Army already leverages data center vendors to connect service personnel with the resources they need. As the effort to migrate the defense branch's enterprise apps is already underway, the organization has begun seeing cost savings and expects this to continue.

Just as numerous groups are outsourcing their data management needs to data center service providers, the same holds true for hosting enterprise applications. Especially as mobility initiatives continue to be increasingly implemented across groups in nearly every industry, demands to host these programs are poised to increase in the near future.

As a result, data center operators must be ready for the influx of new and existing clients with rising services needs."

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