Makes Colocation RFPs Easy With New Project Platform

25 Feb 2020 by Technology

Platform empowers clients to connect directly with premier providers globally

ENGLEWOOD, CO, UNITED STATES February 25 2020, the #1 technology platform for buyers and sellers of colocation services, cloud computing, and connectivity, announces the official launch of the Project Platform which helps users configure their colocation requirements, create their RFP and distribute it directly to providers they invite to participate in the project.

  • The Project Platform makes writing and distributing a colocation RFP simple for IT departments and company stakeholders to complete the RFP process.
  • Get rid of the hassle and streamline the RFP process in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Stop wasting time and pick the provider that delivers on your business priorities.
  • Project Platform makes it easy for clients to create a colocation RFP with a fast 3-step process.
  • Colocation RFPs created in the Project Platform are distributed directly to the colocation providers hand-selected by the client.
  • Both clients and providers can collaborate on their RFPs in the Project Platform including submitting and receiving proposals, asking and answering questions, submitting documents and revising and accepting finalized RFPs.
  • A concierge team is ready to make every project a great experience.
  • Colocation projects of any size and complexity can be created with ease.

For too long, writing and managing RFPs was cumbersome and disjointed.  IT departments and project leaders struggled to find the right colocation providers, data center facilities and pricing for their businesses. It was an outdated and manual process that took a tremendous amount of time and effort. This resulted in unnecessary time spent on calls, emails, and questions from the providers.

The Project Platform was created to address these challenges when writing and managing RFPs. took into both client and provider feedback to create a platform that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Clients want a simple and intuitive platform that can help guide them in defining their colocation requirements, select the right providers and data center locations, and distribute the RFP directly to the providers they select. Providers want to participate in colocation RFPs that align with their company, products, services, and locations. They also want to engage directly with the client in real-time, manage their responses and easily upload their own branded RFP proposals and documents directly to the platform.

While the initial Project Platform focuses on colocation services and providers, additional and complementary IT solutions like cloud computing and connectivity services are already in development. The vision for the Project Platform is to be a single source for planning, provisioning and managing multi-vendor, global infrastructure solutions across colocation, cloud services, internet connectivity or wide area networks (WAN) solutions.



“We’re taking a very bold and disruptive step here with the Project Platform,” said Joel St. Germain, CEO of “We saw an opportunity to improve both the customer experience and the provider experience on and went all-in on streamlining and automating the process. This is where we see our business and the industry going in the future.”

“I’m very excited about where we are going and the evolution of,” said Mike Price, Vice President of Software Engineering for We’ve had record-breaking traffic growth for seventeen straight months and now is the perfect time to incorporate what has been missing – the Project Platform and connecting our customers directly to the providers.”

“It’s all about the customer experience,” said Bob West, Vice President of Marketing at “We’re always looking to improve the experience on and the Project Platform is no exception. We’ve incorporated all of the feedback and data received from the customers and providers, testing groups and our community of data center consultants to create a solution that truly solves a major challenge that exists with colocation pricing and RFPs.”

“It’s taken a tremendous amount of effort and work to make the Project Platform a reality from an operations standpoint,” said Heidi Humphreys, President of “I’m really proud of our team for pulling it all together and getting the engagement and acceptance from our premier colocation providers. The early response and feedback has been amazing.”

About is the #1 technology platform connecting buyers and sellers of colocation, cloud, connectivity, managed services, and related IT services. We’re dedicated to one thing – helping IT professionals research, purchase, and manage their technologies across a diverse range of solutions, providers, and vendors.

Since 2014, has attracted more than two million visitors. The platform contains detailed information on 292 providers, 2,913 data center facilities, and 345 marketplace products globally. is the sister company of Global Consulting Group, Inc. (GCG), a leading technology services distributor and IT consulting company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.

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