Dell Offers New Micro-Data Center, Server, Software for Edge Computing

25 Feb 2020 by Technology

Dell Technologies announces new solutions to help customers overcome edge compute, network and storage challenges. The latest offerings include new edge server designs, smaller modular data centers, enhanced telemetry management and a streaming analytics engine.

“As we enter the next Data Decade, the challenge moves from keeping pace with volumes of data to gaining valuable insights from the many types of data and touchpoints across various edge locations to core data centers and public clouds,” said Jeff Boudreau, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “We offer a portfolio that’s engineered to help customers address the constraints of edge operations and deliver analytics for greater business insights wherever their edge may be.”

Customers will be able to address the opportunities and challenges at their edge locations with these latest features from Dell:

Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420: It is a compact, “short depth,” high-performance server designed for space-constrained and challenging operating conditions often encountered in edge deployments. This low-latency, two-socket system has the flexibility to add up to four accelerators and 92TB of storage per server to handle growing business application demands as well as analytics. The Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 will be available in the second quarter of 2020.

Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 415 (MDC Micro): Dell claims that MDC Micro would bring the data center to far-reaching and rugged environments. It offers pre-integrated, enterprise-level data center IT, power, cooling and remote management in a size shorter and narrower than a parking spot. MDC Micro can be used even in on-data center locations, for instance, the base of a telecommunications cell tower. It is expected to be available beginning in the second half of 2020.

Dell EMC iDRAC9 Datacenter Software: The new Dell Remote Access Controller, iDRAC 9 Datacenter, help companies to securely and remotely manage their edge computing equipment. Its new streaming data analytics capabilities allow them to monitor and manage servers remotely. The remote deployment capability can reduce administrator-attended time by up to 99.1% per server after the initial setup compared to manual deployment. The Dell EMC iDRAC9 Datacenter is available globally now.

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform: It helps customers store and analyze edge data. Customers may now "simplify infrastructure management to help harvest critical business insights and focus on new opportunities to improve their data infrastructure." The Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform is available now.

According to Dell, the latest offerings would help customers adjust to the changing nature of data and help capture the time-sensitive value of the billions of devices at the edge, outside of a traditional data center. The company expects the new features to enhance data center-level security and control at edge environments.

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