Does Dallas Really Need Another Datacenter? Of Course They Do, Especially If the Dallas Cowboys are Moving Next Door

25 Jul 2014 by Technology

"Once again, the Dallas / Ft. Worth area will be the site of another over a quarter-billion-dollar data center site. The area is teaming with data center life from the likes of Century Link to Level 3 to SoftLayer (IBM and SoftLayer continue to be the biggest name in the ever-expanding data center business - for more on that click here), but a new name has cropped up in the area, the Frisco area of DFW to be exact: Patronus.

The Dallas Cowboys Are On The Move And They're Going To Need a New Data Center
And although Patronus was unavailable for comment on its datacenter at this time, what we do know about the center is the following:

1) It will cost the de facto $250 Million to build.

2) It will take up about 35 aces and four buildings (the land itself closed for an undisclosed sum)

3) It will be a multi-tenant facility.

4) It doesn't appear to have anything ""green"" about it - except for money.

5) It's in the middle of ""nowhere"", yet an NFL team, well, besides the Denver Broncos THE NFL team: The Dallas Cowboys are looking at moving their training facilities and headquarters to Frisco.

According to the Dallas Business Journal Patronus' datacenter has been up for debate, should we build it, should we not build it for some time now, months, according to the press release, but from what we found out is much of the debate stem from the general lack of alternative energy in the area. In fact, the entire data center will run solely on good old-fashioned power-station energy, from the nearby substation.

So the large numbers of data centers already built by some of the world's largest data company's, why exactly does the DFW area need another data center?

Well maybe it has to do with the most obvious reasons: The Dallas Cowboys are eyeing the area to move their training facilities to Frisco, and they're going to need a datacenter. In the past year, the Dallas Cowboys announced plans to move its headquarters to Frisco and Toyota Motor Inc. (NYSE: TM) is relocating its North American headquarters to Plano, an adjacent suburb.

Patronus may have made one of the best plays in the datacenter playbook. Throwing a bit of a Hail Mary in an area already saturated withdatacenters, but one that you could have exclusive rights to - or at least one that you could try for exclusive right to, and for that we have to say, although you don't have an up-and-running website, and we can't find you on Social Media, but well played, Patronus, well played (seems like you took a page out of IBM / SoftLayer's playbook.)
Patronus' Website is Coming Soon
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