Dude Bitcoin's Getting a Dell - Dell to Provide Datacenter Space for Bitcoin ASIC Hosting

13 Oct 2014 by Datacenters.com Technology

"The Seattle-based colocation provider for Bitcoin - Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has struck a lucrative partnership with one of the biggest names in the datacenter game: Dell. (Which makes us really wish Dell would bring back the kid who said: ""Dude, you're getting a Dell"" (we digress.)

Dell Now Not Only Accepts Bitcoin it Hosts Bitcoin Miners

Back to the news, as Bitcoin continues to outgrow its roots as the currency of the Dread Pirate Roberts and anarchists alike, and gain actually legitimate usages that don't involve The Silk Road, but extremely well-known and reputable companies like the computer giant Dell, the crypto-currency's going to need legitimate data center space, and lots of it.

So the company, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting, provider of colocation services for Bitcoin miner has entered into a partnership with Dell to providecolocation space for the hosting company's customers at Dell's Western Technology Center (located in Quincy, Washington.)

The Tier III facility boasts 40,000 square feet and provides 10.8MW of available power. According to Bitcoin ASIC, it avoids high-cost power, is able to provide cooling, backup emergency power and redundancy using the green method by tapping into hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River.

The datacenter's ability to provide these green energy alternatives makes it a very desirable partner for the eco-conscious company Dell, with a datacenter whose carbon neutrality will surely catch the eye of other area businesses looking to provide colocation without the damage to the environment - plus it dramatically cuts the electricity costs - a bonus for all customers.

According to Allen Oh, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting's co-founder, who's believes strongly that uptime is as important as green energy: ""'¦customers cannot afford to be offline'¦we got our racks and servers moved and online in less than ten days, with less than 12 hours of downtime'¦""

And although, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has been up and running for three years, the facility is close to capacity, but with Dell's facility, the company will move from a 1-MW facility to an over 10-MW company and nearly double in size."


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