Environmentally Friendly Data Center Cooling Tower Water Treatments

25 Mar 2013 by Datacenters.com Technology

"As data centers spring up all around the world, their impact on the environment has heavily come into question by environmental agencies and groups. The fact that inefficiently run data centers not only cost more to operate, lose more energy than their efficient counterparts and damage our planet has lead to the development of cooling tower water treatments to help offset these negative effects, but some of them are not as environmentally friendly as others.

The Downside of Data Center Water Cooling Towers
Because data centers absolutely require cooling measures to keep servers running in top condition, it is important to utilize the best practices to keep water usage under control and prevent harm to the environment When it comes to most data center’s cooling towers, the amount of energy, water and maintenance needed to effectively cool the center can be reduced if the water is treated properly to reduce bacteria, scale and corrosion.

If left untreated, the bacterium that grows within the walls of cooling towers has been known to spread disease including Legionnaire’s disease and also microbial slime. Scale, a calcium buildup that is a lot like plaque buildup in the human heart, will also grow within the towers if left untreated. Corrosion takes place simply because water and metal do not work well together. Eventually the water will cause the metal to rust and decay creating leaks within the tower.

Water Cooling Tower Treatment Solutions
Traditional data center cooling tower treatments out there on the market mostly consist of hazardous chemical treatments that kill bacteria along with eliminate scale and corrosion; however, these treatments are dangerous to the environment. There have been non-chemical water treatments in the past, but they were unsuccessful at treating bacterial, scale and corrosion simultaneously.

Therefore, new technologies have developed that exclude these awful chemicals and replace them with electrochemical devices that use the air from outside and pump it through processing sleeves that break down oxygen molecules into single oxygen ions. When the negatively charged ions are pumped back into the water, they bond with the water molecules and form hydrogen peroxide, which kills over 99% of the bacteria and act as a magnet to attract the scale away from the walls of the cooling towers thus preventing corrosion. Water usage is also reduced by thousands of gallons because the method naturally increases the cycles of concentration.

For more information about this new technology, please visit www.silverbulletcorp.com. "


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