Ever Wonder Who's Checking You Out on Facebook? 5 Simple Steps

25 Feb 2014 by Datacenters.com Technology

"First of all, before you read the steps, make sure you go to https://www.facebook.com/datacenters and click ""Like"" and Follow us, please.

Here's a quick and fun activity on how to see who your friends are on Facebook, or at least who's been checking out your page. Keep in mind, Facebook doesn't discriminate between actual Friends and your interaction with them, so if you message or chat with someone frequently they'll appear near the top of the list, but if someone who you don't know appears in your list frequently, you might want to think about blocking this person - or shock them by sending them a Friend Request!

On with The Steps:

1) Open two tabs of your Facebook profile.

2) Right click on Profile 1: ""View Page Source"" - another Facebook window will open up in a new tab.

3) WHOA that's a lot of code! Press ""Ctrl F"" to open the ""Find"" option and type in the words ""InitialChatFriendsList"" and you'll see a number of numbers that look like this'

4) Copy one of the numbers, leaving off the ""-and number"" - that's your friend's Facebook number.

5) In the Second Facebook tab take out your name from the URL and paste in the number then hit Enter, and, in theory, that's the friend that you interact with the most. Hopefully it is someone that you recognize.

For example instead of https://www.facebook.com/datacenters, you'd put in https://www.facebook.com/number from above

Enjoy! And remember to ""Like"" https://www.facebook.com/datacenters on Facebook!"


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