Flexential to Build 70,000 Square Foot Cutting Edge Data Center in Atlanta

21 Aug 2018 by Bob West

Businesses around the Southeast are seeking top of the line data centers that are close by and provide cutting edge service. Fortunately, Flexential has announced the construction of a brand new, state of the art,  70,000 square foot data center in Atlanta. The center will serve the company's more than 500 Atlanta area clients that include small and big businesses alike, with particular emphasis on healthcare and financial services firms. Those interested to learn more should call today.

The new data center will have an appealing mix of services and capabilities. In particular, it has both build to suit and colocation space, as well as dense fiber connectivity. The center will also take advantage of Flexential's proprietary FlexAnywhere network fabric. This web is helping companies in the Southeast get super fast connectivity, reliability, security and scale.

The center will be adjacent to the firm's existing Alpharetta facility, bringing the total Atlanta area foot print to 175,000 square feet. In addition to colocation space, it has build-to-suit, move-in ready space for large or wholesaling enterprises. The separate space will have UPS-backed power and cooling infrastructure for high density considerations.

As the economy becomes more and more knowledge based, data centers continue to be in high demand. These centers store user data, financial information, business records, scientific information, photos, videos and much more. Together, these constitute a flood of data needs that companies are increasingly turning to data centers to help manage. Flexential has a deep history of providing award winning services in this area. Together with its cutting edge servers, the company has provided tremendous capability to a number of clients.

Flexential is a Charlotte based firm providing cutting edge data centers around the world, with over 4,200 customers globally. The firm has deep experience, excellent customer service, local accessibility, fair value and top security. For more information, please contact us.


Bob West

Bob West a technology savvy digital marketing executive and entrepreneur specializing in the latest data center and cloud technologies for business. His background includes the initial development of Datacenters.com in 2011. He’s a cryptocurrency mining expert, data center, and cloud enthusiast.

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