From 2N to Zero Client:'s iOS App is All Things Datacenters

6 Feb 2014 by Technology

"Our website is up, running and receiving tons of positive feedback and traffic. We are proud to bring the best of what the data centers' world has to offer to the web.

And now you don't need to be at your desktop to run the No. 1 resource in the data center world. Access instant ""nearby"" data centers, data center pictures, maps, videos, directions, get quotes, search and check out the latest and greatest news that the data center world has to offer'¦

Introducing for iPhone and iPad - and as proud as we were to announce the launch of - we are equally excited to share the launch of our mobile app.

It's simple to download, simply search ""data centers"" in the iTunes store. There are 202 results and we are #2!

Why Download the App?

The app was created as a way of providing a better experience for mobile users. The app has the same functionality plus a few more add-ons.

The iPhone app allows you see data centers located ""nearby"" instantly based on your location. You can also click ""Directions"" to get driving directions. Last but not least, the search results can be toggled between map view and list view.

Reporting Bugs and Issues?

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Android Version?

We are in the process of reviewing how users use the app on their device. Once we get more data, we will be making improvements to the iPhone and iPad versions and begin on the Android version of the app. We would also like your feedback.

Feature Highlights:

Glossary - OK, so you may already know what Virtual Desktop, cloud and colocation means and how to differentiate between Tier 1 to Tier IV - but maybe you're rusty on what SCFM stands for or need a crash course in DSR - check out the Glossary feature - it's full of just about every term regarding data centers.

Quotes - Plug in your information - and you'll get a quote within 48 hours - usually sooner depending on the scale of the project.

Blog - Want to now what's happening in the data center and tech world, check out the news section. would like to extend a great big thank you for your support and try it today! We welcome any and all feedback!"

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