Getting to Know: Pegasus Data Center Cleaning

29 Oct 2020 by Technology

My interview today is with Brett Tyrell, the Director of National Data Center Cleaning Sales at Pegasus

Pegasus helps data center operators across the U.S. keep their facilities clean and contamination-free. Expertly trained specialists clean all types of environments, ranging from call centers and NOCs to web hosting, colocation, and hyperscale data center facilities.

Let's get started.

[Bob] Tell me a little bit about the company, history, and your role with the company?

[Brett] Pegasus began in 1969 as a full-service janitorial firm serving the Southern California business community and has evolved into the premier nation-wide facility services company with more than 1,000 employees serving over 300 facilities.

Pegasus recognized the growth and unique cleaning needs of companies operating in critical environments and extended its cleaning solutions by specializing in Data Center Cleaning.

We have a unique record of success and longevity in the cleaning industry. This, combined with a depth of experience and wide geographic coverage, means we can meet all critical environment facility needs.

Pegasus has worked with over 100 data centers, including the biggest most recognizable private and public data center providers in the industry in several counties of Los Angeles, and San Diego, and throughout California, as well as New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and even Canada.

My role at Pegasus is the Director of National Data Center Cleaning Sales and I help companies identify which cleaning needs are best suited for their specific data center environment.

[Bob] What does Pegasus offer in terms of products and services? 

[Brett] Pegasus Data Center Cleaning Services helps major data center operators across the U.S. keep their facilities clean and contamination-free. Expertly trained specialists clean all types of environments, ranging from call centers and command centers to web hosting, data processing, colocation, and telecom facilities. Pegasus’ expertly trained and supervised technicians pride themselves on time and in uniform.

You won’t ever have to wait on Pegasus to be on the job, wasting your valuable time and money. We believe in getting it right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about extensive or unnecessary downtime.

We leverage innovative technology and advanced cleaning processes and skilled professionals to ensure that your data center environment exceeds the industry’s highest standards for contamination control, maintenance, and safety.

Specialty data center cleaning services include:

  • General cleaning
  • Subfloor & equipment surface cleaning
  • Subfloor sealing and encapsulation
  • Environmental sampling and reporting
  • Disaster recovery cleaning
  • Anti-static floor care and monitoring

[Bob] Tell us more about the industry? Where’s it going?

[Brett] We are currently seeing more and more colocation facilities as these businesses are outsourcing the power and space to have coverage all over the world. This is a growing industry and the more facilities being opened will mean more opportunities for the data center cleaning industry to grow.

[Bob] What are you seeing in the market? What are some trends in your space? 

[Brett] The industry has been booming across the United States for the last five years or so. Most companies these days are moving their on-site critical environment/data centers to colocation or the cloud. 

We're seeing strong demand from the colocation and hyperscale data center providers that are building new facilities or expanding existing ones. Data center cleaning plays an important role during the initial buildout and construction as well as ongoing maintenance of the facility.

In terms of areas where we are seeing the most demand for our data center cleaning services, Phoenix, Northern Virginia, Denver, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City have all been very strong. We work with many of the leading colo providers, hyperscalers, and data center construction companies in the US.

[Bob] Why Pegasus? What sets you apart from your peers?

[Brett] Pegasus is an employee-owned company that takes pride in our employees and customer service levels. 

We have our data center front line employees trained to the cleaning standards set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) when it comes to cleaning these critical environments. Our ISO certification is ISO 9001:2015. With the seasoned staff members and our extensive hands-on and video training, we provide our team training that is above our competition.

[Bob] What locations and markets do you offer your services in?

[Brett] Pegasus has an HQ in San Diego, but we have focused and committed to going to where our customers need us to be.

We currently cover all of the United States and parts of Canada. Most of our data center cleaning opportunities have been on the West Coast and Midwest at this stage. We have a few companies that would like us to expand into the east coast and there are thoughts of potentially starting up a new location to have these areas covered.

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