Global Data Center Traffic Projected to Triple by 2017

11 Apr 2014 by Technology

"Datacenters are more than a booming business trend, as the Internet grows into the Internet of Everything, Cloud-based computing is not just the present it's going to continue long into the future.

The projected growth from data center traffic will expand fivefold between 2012 to 2017, most of this growth with come from cloud-based datacenter traffic.

Specifically, during that period of time, data center traffic will grow from 2.6 Zettabytes* (1.2 ZB -Cloud- and 1.4 -traditional data center traffic) to 7.7 ZB (5.3 ZB -Cloud- and 2.4 ZB -traditional data center traffic.) By 2017 69% of global data center traffic will come from cloud services and applications.
If Data Centers Had Stoplights, They Might Look Like This
So just HOW big is 7.7 ZBs of Data:
7.7 ZB is equal to the amount of data generated if the entire world population (which should be 7.6 billion by 2017) were streaming 2.8 hours of HD Video every day of the year
14 hours of daily web conferencing for the world's workforce (3.6 billion in 2017)
1.6 years of continuous music streaming for the world's population

More tidbits:

Where does the traffic come from?
Some flows between the data center and end users, some traffic flows between data centers, and some traffic stays within the data center.

How do these traffic types contribute to the overall data center traffic?
17% - Traffic between the data center and the end user will reach 1.3 ZB annually
7% - Traffic between datacenters, replication and inter-database links will reach .5 ZB
76% - An overwhelming amount (5.9 ZB) will be coming from within the center itself (storage, production, development and authentication traffic.)

Workload & The Cloud:

2012 - 1.2 ZB (32 Million Cloud Workloads)

2017 - 5.3 ZB (119 Million Cloud Workloads)

What does that mean? 2/3 of all workloads will be cloud-based by 2017. Cloud workloads (30% compound annual growth rate [CAGR]) will grow five times faster than traditional data center workloads (6% CAGR).

*1 Zettabyte (ZB) is equal to sextillion bytes, or a trillion gigabytes

As for Mobile: Check Out the Cisco Infographic Below:
Graphic Courtesy of Cisco Systems
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