Highlights from VMWorld: 2014: Dell Partnership and Integrated OpenStack

27 Aug 2017 by Datacenters.com Cloud

"On Monday the tech world saw the opening of VMWare's (the leader in virtualization software) annual expo VMWorld in San Francisco, CA (and runs through Thursday), and with the expo, tidal wave of cloud computing and datacenter advancements.

""No Limits"" - The Motto For 2014's VMWorld

Here are two major announcements at the expo that we're the most excited about:

1) VMWare announced partnerships with some of the industry's most recognized names including Dell, F5 Networks and HP. Hands down, the expanded partnership with Dell and VMWare NSX is huge.

Dell and VMWare have been longtime partners, and a new agreement was announced that allows for a pre-packaged combination of VMWare's NSX: the company's network virtualization platform, with Cumulus Linux on a Dell Networking switch.

According to a statement from Dell: ""'¦companies with limited IT staff and budget are looking for simple, integrated and validated architectures'¦Dell and VMware have teamed to provide a converged infrastructure solution to meet these requirements'¦""

2) Software-Defined datacenters and the Integrated OpenStack

Software-Defined datacenters is a hot topic in the datacenter world, and VMWare is the leader in the race for triple-crown of the Software-Defined. At the expo, a new announcement came from the company leading the charge:

According to VMWare: ""'¦(our) new Integrated OpenStack solution will allow organizations to deliver OpenStack APIs on top of their existing VMWare infrastructures'¦""

Which is great news for companies already using VMWare, as their infrastructures will not need to be replaced by the new advancements in Integrated OpenStack, and ""the solution will allow clients to set up complete OpenStack clouds for internal developers, allowing them to host workflows that may currently be residing on public clouds'¦.""

Additionally, not only has VMWare made the aforementioned announcement, the company also announced upgrades to its VCloud Suite and VMware VSphere private cloud - this latest version can provide disaster recovery plans for up to 5,000 virtual machines.

We'll be continuing to check back on the announcement at the expo, which ends tomorrow, and usually ends with a bang, and if these announcements are any indication VMWare has something big up its virtual sleeve."


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