IBM's in the Amazon - The Giant Opens its 4th Colombian Data Center

6 Jun 2014 by Technology

"IBM announces its 4th data center in Bogota, Columbia. The new data center will be Big Data and cloud-ready according to IBM.

With an investment of US$17 million, this data center, which joins another already operating in Bogota, (known locally as Bogota's ""Siberia"") will provide security, backup, storage, continuity and transition services to many of the Colombian companies operating in the banking, finance, small business, healthcare, food service and construction sectors.

According to Juan Carlos Hincapie, Service Manager at IBM Colombia:

""This market, without a doubt, is very significant for IBM. The constant growth, development and internationalization of our industry provide a great opportunity for us, as we offer an extensive, integrated portfolio of services, software, hardware and consultation. These services are adaptable to the needs of the clients and aim to provide solutions that support their business strategies. This is IBM's fourth data center in Colombia and the most advanced in Big Data and cloud services. Its processing capacity allows the processing of information equivalent to that contained in the whole of Colombian's medical records.""

IBM, the last to launch itself into the cloud, seems to be making it known that not only will it be a force to be reckoned with in the data center industry. The company is spending billions of dollars building data centers, and is on par to be the front-runner in the datacenter industry, and with most of its data centers being Big Data and cloud-ready, IBM has a fighting chance of being the number one in the data center industry.

IBM says the companies that have benefited from its cloud solutions include Nutresa, Colombina, Harina del Valle, the Manuela Beltran University, Suramericana and Comfandi, and the market research for Colombia shows that by 2017, the data centers are supposed to bring in $196.5 million.
Colombia's Data Center Alley
Eighty of Colombia's 100 biggest businesses, which represent 30% of the national GDP, are currently using IBM's technology services, Hincapie said. IBM's data centers also process 30% of the data from Colombia's top 100 businesses.

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