In Cryptography We Trust: Century Link Chosen by Bitcoin Miner CoinTerra as its Data Center Provider

30 Jul 2014 by Technology

"On the crypto-currency that won't die and a brand-name that is not going anywhere any time soon: Century Link (one of the biggest power players in the tech game and one of the name of names in data center realm) and CoinTerra, Inc, a Bitcoin (that's right folks, it's back on our blog, we can't stop it, so let's talk about it - even Wikipedia announced today that it will start taking donations in you guessed it Bitcoin!) mining firm announced a lucrative partnership that will not only put CoinTerra, Inc at the forefront of a multi-megawatt datacenter deal, but add credibility to the word ""Bitcoin"" by stamping the brand-name ""Century Link"" as its datacenter provider and partner.

In Cryptography We Trust: Even Wikipedia Started Taking Bitcoin Today, CoinTerra Now Uses Century Link

A little bit about CoinTerra, Inc. So far, the Bitcoin miner has put its name out there as one of the best-in-show Bitcoin miners in the business. They are the crème de la crème in bitcoin mining. A transparent company, CoinTerra, whose open-book policy has allowed them to produce hardware and software that is the best of breed of Bitcoin miners.

Bitcoin has received a bit of a bad rap, as with a number of crypto-currencies, due to fraud charges of certain individuals, but Bitcoin on its own is a rather revolutionary idea, and one day may be the currency of the internet. CoinTerra estimates that more than 15 percent of the total Bitcoin network runs using CoinTerra hardware. CoinTerra's growing Bitcoin mining operations are currently housed across multiple data centers, the company said, with additional locations scheduled to be brought online in the coming months.

And it has to be stored someplace. Enter the likes of Century Link.

According to, CEO of CoinTerra: ""(we) started the search for a co-location provider by looking for commodity power, but quickly learned how CenturyLink's capabilities '” from our data center operations to cooling systems that keep infrastructure operating efficiently '” would provide an even greater return on investment to keep the company on a path for rapid growth and future success.""

CoinTerra's CEO Ravi Iyengar

And David Meredith, senior vice president and general manager, CenturyLink Technology Solutions had this to say about the partnership with CoinTerra: ""We make life easier for CoinTerra, allowing them to focus on what they do best '” developing and operating Bitcoin-mining processors and systems '” while we ensure the security and reliability of their expanding infrastructure.""

All in all, we think it's a match made in future-perfect heaven: a legitimate crypto-currency miner and a big-name in Big Data, we'll be interested to see just how far this partnership reaches and how hopefully it causes the name of Bitcoin to lose a bit of its tarnish.

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