Intel Inside? Intel Unveils New Xeon Server Chips for Data Center Modernization

8 Sep 2014 by Technology

"Hear the name Intel, and many computer clichés come to mind, especially the swirly logo (still in use since December 2005), the catchy tune ""Do Dee Do Doo"" and, of course the company's claim to fame or at least for the end-user: the Pentium processor (or for those in IT - the first microprocessor, the first workings with semiconductors, basically the trailblazers of the computer world - and the founder, Gordan E. Moore, did come up with Moore's Law.) Now the chipmaker extraordinaire, introduces the Xeon E5-2600 v3 chip that will become the building block for ""legacy datacenters"".

Intel's New Xeon Server Chip - Intel's Inside

The chip will take older data centers and modernize them for the next great acceleration and get them cloud-ready - especially in with power-saving, throughput and processing core issues.

To add to the buzz-worthy aspect, according to Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Data Center Group, this chip is the fastest chip built to date in the company's server section. The server chips are the first to support the faster-performing DDR4 memory and 40GB Ethernet, and, according to Bryant, the chip will allow servers to run faster and decrease latency.

Basically, Bryant's betting on the super-fast server chip that will allow Intel to not only have the fastest server chip for datacenters in world: but will allow for a recycling of sorts of older ""legacy"" data centers, and it will allow cutting-edge data centers to continue to stay on the cutting-edge of quickness.

So the only problem that we can see happening is that Intel is cornering a market that they've already cornered. Let's face it, just about everyone relies on Intel. It's in our computer DNA - it's the CPU of the world, but if Intel continues to make faster chips: well people are going to buy them, and they're going to want them, and eventually even AMD (the 2nd largest chip manufacturer) might go away, and with it, the competition for who can make the fastest chip.

However, if you're running the fastest datacenter server chip, that also helps to warm-up and cool down, power up and increase the uptime, plus there are currently 32 variants of the chip, would anyone really want a different chip?"

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