It's the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit V for Fushion-io and Hyve Solutions

28 Feb 2014 by Technology

"In an effort to enhance the availibility of open computing with a joint solution that delivers the performance, efficiency and flexibility of hyperscale in existing data centers, Fushion-io and Hyve Solutions have teamed up to produce the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit V. Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX Corporation and Fusion-io plan the partnership to help transform existing data centers with products form Hyve Solutions OCP 1500 Series servers and Fusion ioScale flash memory.

The OCP will also allow the companies to help in the transformation of current data centers by integrating existing 19-inch rack servers, and as Facebook has found it efficacious to use Hyve's flash memory, and the OCP-inspired solution will use the same technology powering Facebook's data centers. Banking on the notion that if it's the superior product Facebook relies on - it must be advantageous for existing data centers across the world.

Hyve announced that it intends to summit the products for certification at the new Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

According to Steve Ichinaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hyve Solutions, ""Solutions designed around the principals of Open Compute deliver high performance and efficiency, and Hyve Solutions CPT 1500 Series servers with Fusion ioMemory make it simple to achieve these goals even with existing data center infrastructure.""

Ichinaga went on to say ""We're proud to make open computing even more accessible to companies interested in embracing the efficiency of hyperscale, as the Fusion-powered Hyve Solutions OCP 1500 Series platform allows companies to adopt the performance, power efficiency and vanity-free designs of OCP without removing or retrofitting existing rack infrastructure.""

The Open Compute Project allows companies to use there current infrastructure, and helps the data center industry to go greener, without having to replace existing hardware. The partnership not only allows for a greener solution to upgrades in the data center environment, it allows just about any company to access them.

""Hyperscale data centers deliver powerful efficiency with lower total cost of opportunity, making it economically possible for cloud computing to transform businesses and even our society,"" said Madhu Matta, Fusion-io vice president of Hyperscale. ""From easier access to healthcare to music at our fingertips, cloud services improve quality of life for millions of people around the world. With open designs and integrated solutions like the Hyve 1500 OCP Series system, it is now even easier for companies to transform their datacenters and their businesses with efficient systems that operate at the speed of flash.""

""We're thrilled to see companies like Fusion-io and Hyve Solutions working together to create powerful new computing solutions using OCP designs,"" said Frank Frankovsky, president and chairman of the Open Compute Project Foundation. ""Open systems that focus on performance, efficiency, and simplicity are exactly what we're focused on enabling with OCP, and it's exciting to see solutions like these become available to anyone who wants to consume them.""

NOTE: with any future-perfect product(s) there are risks and uncertainties, any statements made are based on current knowledge and expectations."

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