Major Market Players Opt for CoreSite Data Center, Cloud Services

13 Sep 2013 by Cloud

"CoreSite Realty Corporation has been providing robust data center and cloud services to major global businesses since 2001. As the company grew over the years and gained new clients, it continued to expand its offerings and solidify its reputation as one of the global leaders in the data center services field. While the company has only been known as CoreSite since its rebranding in 2009, it has already gained an impressive reputation for delivering top services to major market players.

CoreSite made two significant announcements in September that demonstrate how the company continues to work to expand its presence in the market and gain big-name clients. The first announcement came in early September, when Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS) chose CoreSite as a partner to assist its efforts to expand its footprint in North America. BICS moved into CoreSite’s Los Angeles facility, known as the One Wilshire data center campus. The move was especially strategic since it enabled BICS to leverage CoreSite’s Los Angeles base of more than 275 networks to grow its telecommunications business in North America.

“CoreSite’s One Wilshire campus is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demands of European multinationals looking to deploy their offerings in North America and beyond,” said CoreSite COO Jarrett Appleby. “It’s a key trans-pacific gateway and world-renowned connectivity hub with an unmatched community of customers across the CoreSite Mesh. BICS’ expansion enriches the diversity of this community and further solidifies CoreSite in Los Angeles as the interconnection partner of choice for international and domestic customers.”

CoreSite Helps Nirvanix Customers Recover
CoreSite’s most recent development came in an announcement on September 26, in which the company revealed that it was assisting Nirvanix’s former customers in the migration of assets to new cloud storage environments. Nirvanix announced recently that it would be discontinuing service on October 15, meaning that existing Nirvanix customers needed to find new cloud services and migrate data accordingly prior to the shutdown. This means hundreds of businesses’ infrastructures were left in disarray, with technology heads sent scampering to secure a new storage environment last minute.

“Hundreds of Nirvanix customers are faced with the task of moving vast amounts of mission-critical data to other cloud storage providers in very little time,” said Appleby. “We are working to ensure a premium customer experience for both our customers and our customers’ customers to ensure their uptime and ongoing business success.”

CoreSite has been leveraging its CoreSite Mesh community to help disrupted organizations establish relationships with alternative managed services providers and minimize the business impact that Nirvanix’s announcement may cause."

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