Mesosphere Gets $10M For Ready-Made Data Center Ferraris

9 Jun 2014 by Technology

"A company's whose prime directive is to make the data center world a bit more easier to use by simplifying management of server resources, Mesosphere, today, got a shot-in-the-arm from Venture Capitalists Andreessen Horowitz to the tune of $10 million.

The Silicon-Valley VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz sees a trend as more companies use the traditional data center as a back-up to morecloud-based infrastructure, and, moreover the firm sees the need to make the data center more user-friendly, with companies like Mesosphere.

So what does Mesosphere do for data centers? They are chiefly a company that simplifies the deployment of Apaches Mesos, an open-source system that figures out the best way to perform computing jobs in a data center in order to ensure that servers get used in the most efficient way.

In other words: Mesosphere is in the simplification business. Keep it simple and it'll run better and more efficiently.

According to Matt Trifiro, Mesosphere's senior vice president: ""Mesosphere adds software and services to make Mesos work better for companies that don't have the expertise to do it themselves. A car analogy: If you like to build cars, then you'll want to build your own starting with the engine block, Mesos. We deliver you a Ferrari ready to go.""
Imagine a Ready-Made Ferrari Only In Data Center Form
Tech Giants Amazon Web Services and Twitter already run Mesos in their datacenters - and it is important to note that these companies may or may not be running Mesosphere's product - as Apache Mesos is an Open-Source product - although Mesosphere's founder, Florian Liebert, was on the team that launched the product for Twitter and AWS.

Back in November Mesosphere launched a free service called Elastic Mesos, which lets companies set up and run Mesos quickly and easily in the popular Amazon Web Services public cloud.

One thing is for certain: in the realm of data centers companies want them to run better and more efficiently, so be on the look-out for more companies like Mesosphere, who will be delivering ready-made Ferraris to replace the Yugos of yesteryear.
Florian Liebert, Founder of Mesosphere
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