Move Over Shazam, Here's HP'S Orchestrated Datacenter

21 May 2014 by Technology

"So it may not be the most popular app on Google Play (Shazam - that handy dandy app that you can literally hum that tune you can't get out of your head into and get the name of), or even that turn you just can't get out of your head: but HP has began a new Magnum Opus: The Orchestrated Datacenter.

The Rise of HP's Orchestrated Datacenter

Did HP really need another break-through hit, well of course it did, all household names do, but what is an Orchestrated Datacenter, and why the need for type of data center? Quite simply: the orchestrated data center, has all the built-in infrastructure it needs and it's built to work together, like the pieces of an orchestra, making beautiful data-based music.

According to the company, HP aims to accelerate the design and deployment of applications, infrastructure and cloud-based services. And as everything goes into the cloud, the need for IT to keep on the bleeding edge of technology, and technology that's moving quicker than already-in-place infrastructure can do, therefore, accelerating the life cycle of applications while forcing network administrators to focus more closely on enterprise users in the design and delivery of applications. That requires greater use of datacenter automation and orchestration.

HP is banking that this newly automated datacenter will allow network administrators more time to not just focus there efforts on the end user, but that with a data center that is fully automated and orchestrated to work together, IT, in general will be able to not play a seemingly endless game of catch up.

According to HP's press release:

An Orchestrated Datacenter is designed to coordinate the datacenter stack, including physical and virtual servers, networks, storage, databases and middleware along with the application layer. It also is said to automate the IT workflows across service desks, monitoring and security operations.

The company claims it new datacenter tool can help IT teams design, customize and deploy services securely in test and production as well as across traditional, private and public clouds.""

This type of datacenter will also employ OpenStack and Chef configuration management tools.

So, how is the orchestrated data center, different from the hybrid data center or any other type of newly integrated datacenter?

Take a look at Air France: ""Air France said it used an Orchestrated Datacenter to automate the installation process for server clusters and virtual machines. Server cluster installation time was reduced from six days down to one while virtual machine installation was reduced from more than 24 hours to less than 15 minute"" according to HP's press release.

Interior of an Air France Jet - a Client of HP's Orchestrated Datacenter

That's a mind-blowing amount of time saved, and not just on the datacenter side: man hours we saved and headaches were probably avoided. HP seems to be onto something with its new data center infrastructure. It literally is the model data center complete with all the bells and whistles.

When will this new design be made readily available? The company has not set a date, but check back to for more information. Or call one of our data center experts at (877) 406-2248."

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