Much Ado About Newark: The Battle of Data Center Hill

28 May 2014 by Technology

"According to Amy Roe, a failed Newark Mayoral candidate and a stanch opponent of The Data Centers, LLC's new Delaware power plant would threaten the safety of University of Delaware's (where the power plant to power the new datacenter would be built) the female student body during construction:

This Data Center is One Hot Subject for Debate
""I now worry for the safety of the young women who attend UD"" (according to a letter issued by Roe - see below for an excerpt from her letter) Why? Roe's either afraid of cat calls, or of the potential of hundreds of jobs for the area (see pleading local resident's letter below.)

Roe, once the only outspoken opponent of the power plant and data center, now has a powerful ally in the area - a group of residents who do not want the power plant and the Delaware Audubon: which begs the question: why don't they want the power plant (certainly an entire group of concerned citizens can't be afraid of construction cat calls.)

Now the opposition hopes to call on the one constant hot-button - the environment. And although at we agree on strict laws causing data centers to make their power plants as green as possible, this particular power plant's designs were some of the most plaintiff and comprehensive when it came to renewable and green energy. The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control approved the building and issued the permits, and now a 16-page suit threatens the building of the power plant.

When asked for comment on why the city is going to allow the suit to continue: Dave Carter, conservation chair for Delaware Audubon, one of the groups that sought Superior Court review of the Board of Adjustment decision's: ""This confirms, at best, that they don't have the data to determine what the community impacts would be. What jumped off the page, to me, was that it recommends a year's monitoring before they start this project.""

So something is going on in Delaware: is it sour grapes from a former alumni, Roe, or an actual expert that sees a credible threat to local area wildlife and people?

Read below for the excerpt of Roe's letter the one where she's concerned about the female study body of UD, and one from local resident Bob Aellis, refuting Roe's claims and pleading for the build.

What we do know is this: something is amok in the University of Delaware's area and where the power plant that was supposed to support the data center was supposed to be built.

Check back and will be following this story closely as it may be a watershed moment in the future of datacenter builds. We first reported on this issue last October, click here to check it out or call one of our data center engineers at (877) 406-2248.

Excerpt from Roe's Letter

Dear Trustees of the University of Delaware:

Lock Up Your Daughters, UD


Dear Trustees of the University of Delaware:

I am writing in response to the article about Amy Roe, concerning the proposed data center and power plant in Newark. I would like to state I am an objective person and I did have the opportunity to read the entire letter. I was actually taken back a bit, but came to two very evident opinions.

There was not one item of factual-based criticism or opinion pertaining to the project or the related construction. Second, Ms. Roe appears to have an elitist position with a bit of paranoia. She is afraid of the people that will be working on the project and wants to instill that fear in residents, and especially the women who attend school, work and live in the area. How absurd is that position?

The fact is that hard-working men and women will be employed and bring additional business to the area. I also am not blind to the fact that there might be isolated instances as there are anywhere, which I expect will be handled properly and swiftly.

This letter clouds any fact-based objections that might be presented and is a desperate measure to stop the project by any means. I hope objective people and the University of Delaware see this letter for its true meaning and dismiss it.

Bob Aellis"

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