NetApp Launches Keystone Hybrid Storage Services

8 Nov 2019 by Cloud

NetApp, the data authority for hybrid cloud, is introducing a new simplified cloud experience for the enterprise, on and off the premises, with an easy-to-use consumption model. The company announced NetApp Keystone, which simplifies the acquisition of data storage and management technology. The program was unveiled at the annual NetApp Insight conference in Las Vegas.

“We’ve built and delivered the data fabric strategy to simplify and modernize our customer’s data centers and enable success in the hybrid cloud era. The solutions we are introducing today are an extension of that philosophy –what data fabric has done to simplify and integrate data infrastructure; our new flexible consumption models do at the business level,” said George Kurian in a statement.

With NetApp Keystone, companies can lessen the complexities associated with IT infrastructure and lifecycle management. NetApp aims to simplify the business of data services to give customers a better cloud experience, whether their data is in a public cloud or a data center. The program "offers the agility, pay-per-use economics, dynamic scaling, and operational simplicity that customers need to be able to consume cloud on their own terms."

As per the press release issued by NetApp, Keystone features are:

  1. Flexibility to mix and match purchases and subscription payment methods
  2. Ability to run any NetApp service in any environment—on-premises, cloud, and hybrid
  3. Freedom to choose how it’s all managed—by NetApp, a partner, or internally
  4. Simplified ownership experience that makes it easier to buy, operate and grow starting with NetApp’s new systems, the A400, FAS8300 and FAS8700

Customers can procure NetApp’s on-premises storage solutions as a service and pay monthly or annual subscription fees. The company offers a one-year subscription for pay-as-you-go on-premises storage. If the requirements change, NetApp will deliver more equipment to their data center. NetApp claims that it gives clients a better ownership and simpler purchasing experience.

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