New Benefit of the Data Center: Property Tax Breaks

14 Jul 2014 by Technology

"ByteGrid and the country of Montgomery in Washington, DC is taking a bite out of its tenant's tax bill this year, by offering tax breaks to them. In the ever increasingly competitive world of datacenters, one way to insure its tenants' happiness is to offer them tax break, according to the company.
ByteGrid's Silver Spring, MD Tenants are Getting a New Property Tax Break.

It's not too shocking, considering the vast amount of information wealth contained inside a datacenter: in a way, it could be asserted that it's priceless. If your data center goes down, so does your company.

So, in the Washington, DC county of Montgomery, ByteGrid's tenants will be getting property tax breaks beginning this year and stretching over the next 12 to the tune of $12 Million.

Montgomery's new tax program is revolutionary because it's putting a monetary amount on what once was considered something that was not ""property"", but now is considered some of the most valuable property in the world.

ByteGrid also hopes that its added property tax breaks will cause clients to either stay with them or attract new clients to the two Silver Spring, MD data centers two facilities totaling 91,000 square feet of leased tenant space.

According to Montgomery County Economic Development Director Steve Silverman: ""Given the extraordinarily high personal property investment for IT infrastructure by the tenants of these centers, the easiest way for us to level the playing field is to offset some of those infrastructure costs over a 12 year period of time.""

This measure comes hot on the heels of Oregon and Virginia both attempting to pass such property tax measures - both states service and hope to retain Google's and Facebook's server farms.

In fact, Virginia has been the state who continues to push for property tax breaks, mainly due to Loudoun county and it's ""Data Center Alley"" - for more on the area click here.

These measures are certainly desired for the tenants and the counties across the country that will benefit from the datacenter's tax collection (which puts a heavy burden on the area's heavy equipment industry), but it also makes a very needed point: data is not a nebulous thing you store in a ""cloud"" - it's property.

Up until recently: data couldn't really be quantified, but now it's priceless and begs the question: will we start paying taxes to get our data?
Now Data is Considered Property and Tax Breaks are Coming
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