Notice Any Disruption in Service? Samsung's Backup Data Center Catches Fire

22 May 2014 by Technology

"Data centers aren't immune to the occasional fire, but when it's Samsung's major backup data center in South Korea - not only does it cause damage to the actual structure it causes major disruptions in the just about anything marked ""Samsung.""

Samsung's Backup Data Center on Fire
On Sunday morning, was knocked out for several hours - which didn't seem to affect too many people and it was up and running within a few hours. It was any and just about all devices marked ""Samsung"" - Samsung's Smart TV, Samsung Blu-Ray players and one of the most popular mobile smartphone brands: Samsung (the galaxy series dominates most industry Top 10s - average 4 per list more than any other brand.)

The fire happened on the building's fourth floor with zero casualties. The actual blaze affected the building that houses Samsung's backup data center for the company's primary datacenter is Suwon, South Korea.

Close-up of Samsung's Backup Data center on Fire
Samsung issued an apology regarding the fire - although it's still unclear as to why the backup data center had such an impact on Samsung's primary services.

The Twitter-sphere was ablaze with unflattering comments regarding the fire and the company's lack of ability to keep services up and running.

According to some reports, users were not able to access third-party apps on their Samsung Smart TVs as the TVs seem to require a connection to a Samsung servers before non-Samsung apps can be launched.

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